Customized ST XTA plus 3 in VW’s Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept

Volkswagen North America reveals today together with VW Enthusiast Jamie Orr a heavily modified SUV. Using a 2021 Atlas Cross Sport SEL Premium R-Line as its base, the GT Concept took several months to create and includes a host of unique touches. 

The build comprises 22-inch ABT Sport HR AEROWHEELs, wrapped in Yokohama Advan Sport V105 UHP 285/35R22 tires; ST Suspension XTA Plus 3 coilovers with color-matched and GT Concept -branded springs.

You don’t know about our ST Customizing yet? Let give you the quick facts. When a MAKE_it_YOURS custom coilover suspension kit is ordered, the main springs will be coated in your desired color.

When a MAKE_it_YOURS custom coilover suspension kit is ordered, the main springs will be coated in your desired color.

With this double coating, the springs “drive” into an oven, and there the color is stoved for up to 35 minutes. Afterward the springs “rest” in the oven at 190 degrees Celsius for about ten minutes to be further processed.

Eisvogelblau colored ST springs

The new ST XTA plus 3 coilover suspension is our the top of the line aftermarket kit for the road. It gives all those who are looking for maximum performance with street tires for their streetcars on public roads and who do not want to compromise the opportunity to ride a suspension with 3-way adjustable damper settings.

With 24 clicks, a low-speed needle valve can be adjusted for fine-tuning of the car’s pitch behavior during cornering and braking. On the other hand, the high-speed compression stage with 24 clicks of adjustment influences high-speed impacts by riding above short bumps or transverse joints

Additionally you can adjust the damper rebound forces for more direct handling, reduced pitching, and body roll via a two-stage low-speed rebound valve with 16 exact clicks

The Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept started with a production vehicle assembled in Chattanooga, which was then modified by Volkswagen enthusiast Jamie Orr.

The performance-enhanced SUV concept features a four-seat configuration and incorporates the striking blue color Eisvogelblau, translating to “Kingfisher Blue,” currently available on select Volkswagen products in Europe. The concept was hand painted by the Chattanooga production team.

Under the hood is a version of the EA888 2.0 TSI engine found in the Volkswagen Golf R, with an IS38 turbo and an additional front-mounted radiator from a Mk7 Golf R.

It generates more than 300 horsepower. A seven-​speed DSG automatic transmission was paired with the standard 4Motion all-wheel-drive system to handle the extra power.

In addtion TAROX eight-piston front brakes handle the new power output. Concept gloss black exterior trim replaces the existing chrome finishes and also custom GT badging is integrated throughout the vehicle.

The eye-catching Eisvogelblau color was weaved throughout the interior of the car – from the bespoke RECARO Sportster CS seats to the custom blue gear shift and safety belts.

Jamie Orr’s team also incorporated colorful accents to the steering wheel and custom Volkswagen Accessories floor mats to create a cohesive look. All of the modified interior materials are non-animal based.

Rounding out the custom interior seating layout is a one-of-a-kind rear center console, which follows the design language of the front console. Inside the storage compartment is a Volkswagen Accessories convenience safe and additional USB charging ports.

“It’s been a lot of fun creating this concept,” Jamie Orr says. “Hopefully, it’ll get a smile out of people.” After being presented to the Volkswagen Chattanooga production team by Scott Keogh and Jamie Orr, the Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept will be at select events across the USA later this year.

Images Volkswagen USA, KW

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