Drift: Baggsy crushes the Oman International Drift Series 2022

In between workshop sessions building up the amazing Navara-R, Baggsy and the SB Motorsport crew took another trip to the Sultanate of Oman to take part in Rounds 2 and 3 of the Oman International Drift Championship, doing 2 rounds in one trip!

Easily qualifying in the Top 32, Baggsy blitzed past Alwaleed Zaki Mahmoud in his own PS13, then in the Top 16 faced down the challenge from Sebastian Fontijn in his BMW E36 2JZ.

In the Top 8, Baggsy forced a crucial mistake from Tymer Lypskyi and his BMW to ride into the Top Four, where he faced Ahmad Daham in his S14.

After a super tough couple of runs, Daham was successful and Baggsy headed to the head-to-head battle for the final spot on the podium!

To take third place, Baggsy would have to see off Kuwaiti racer Ali Mustafa Makhseed and his GT86. In the lead position for the first run, Makhseed pulled no punches but Baggsy held him off with style!

Starting in the chase position for the second run, Baggsy gave as good as he got, with a strong, aggressive run that kept Makhseed busy looking in his mirrors!

As strong as Baggsy drove, the judges decided it was too close to call – so it went to another pair of races with a One More Time call! Baggsy started in the lead position again, and the race saw the cars so close it was hard to tell them apart – until Makseed had to shut down in the middle of the run!

Taking a 5 Minute Rule to dive into the pits, Makhseed’s crew couldn’t get the car back on the track in time, giving Baggsy the win and his second podium of 2022!

The following weekend, Baggsy and the SB Motorsport team were back in action! The quick turnaround time meant the teams could stick around between the events and enjoy the sights – in between wrenching sessions on the V8 PS13, of course!

Easily qualifying well into the Top 32, Baggsy faced Samer Sabeh and his BMW from Lebanon for his first battle. Taking a sweet victory meant that the Top 16 battle would see Baggsy take the PS13 against Nassar Al Harbali from El Salvador in his 350Z. Two big mistakes from his opponent gave Baggsy the easy win, putting him straight into the Top 8!

Taking on Clint van Oort from The Netherlands and his S14 saw Baggsy in the lead position, with Clint charging hard and contacting the SB Motorsport PS13, forcing a competition time out due to a bent steering arm.

With 10 minutes available to work, it was all hands to the pump to get Baggsy back out on the track to get him into the Top 4. Running a hyper aggressive line on the chase run, Baggsy absolutely cranked up the volume to 11, running straight at Clint’s back bumper, knocking on his door and wowing the judges to take the win and progress to the Final Four!

Baggsy was determined to own the podium this time, and even with Rostyslav Rarahovskyi and his GT86 in the way, there would be no stopping the SB Motorsport PS13! With Baggsy in the lead position for the first run, Rostyslav made a slight error in the first turn but more than made up for it in the rest of the run, slamming his car right on Baggsy’s door and racing him across the finish.

In the chase position for the second run, the judges couldn’t make a decision and called for a One More Time! In the second battle, Rarahovskyi sliced into the tyres, giving Baggsy the win!

In the Final run to decide the winner and 2nd place, Baggsy would once again face off against Ahmad Daham from Jordan – the same racer who knocked him out just a week before! Leading out for the first race, Baggsy smoked out Daham a couple of times, forcing small errors from the S14 driver.

. In the second race, with Baggsy chasing, Daham made a minor mistake in the first turn leading Baggsy off-track, and with a quick decision from the judges it was a WIN FOR BAGGSY and the SB Motorsport PS13! Hitting the podium in all three rounds, as well as winning the last round meant that Baggsy took the overall win in the 2022 Oman International Drift Championship!

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