Enhanced ride comfort and driving dynamics for Audi RS7: KW Variant 4 impresses in everyday use

The second edition of the Audi RS7 (C8, Type F2) has become significantly sportier than its predecessor in both terms of driving dynamics and appearance. We have now developed the KW Variant 4 Coilover suspension especially for the RS7 drivers who see a demand for the current Audi RS7 in terms of lateral dynamics and ride comfort.

The special feature of the KW Variant 4 with the adjustable shocks and the anodized aluminum shock absorbers is the multi-valve damper technology, developed by KW. In addition to adjusting the low-speed rebound stage damping, the KW Variant 4 also enables separate adjustment of the high-speed and low-speed compression stage damping.

Like so many other luxury class and sports cars, vehicles the 600 hp Audi RS7 (Type F2, C8) also benefits from retrofitting this suspension technology. Even the vehicle manufacturer, Audi, offers three-way adjustable Coilover Suspension kits as part of the optional “Performance Parts Accessories”.

The separately adjustable rebound, low-speed compression, and high-speed compression damping stages provide RS7 drivers with a wide range of options for adapting their 600 hp Hatchback Saloon individually to their driving requirements.

The three-way valve technology of the KW Variant 4, with its 16 clicks for rebound damping, allows six clicks in the low-speed compression stage (seven characteristic curves) and 15 clicks in the high-speed compression stage (16 characteristic curves) to be fine-tuned.

An Audi RS7 (C8, Type F2) equipped with the KW Variant 4 drives much more harmoniously and dampens more sensitively to road bumps in the street due to the adjustable multi-valve technology, without the driving dynamics suffering due to the ride comfort. The RS7 yaws even more for faster corners and the optional rear-axle-steering can show off its advantages even better.

The Coilover Suspension is pre-adjusted to a so-called performance setup in the state of delivery. Using the enclosed adjustment instructions, the preset setup can be changed to a comfort-oriented road setup in a few easy steps.

The KW Variant 4 also substantially minimizes pitch and roll movements in the Audi RS7 (C8, Type F2), which weighs up to 2140 kilograms. The saloon reacts precisely to load changes and the entire car feels much lighter on the road. Despite the low center of gravity of the sports saloon from the factory, it allows a maximum lowering of 15 to 40 millimeters on each of the driven axles.

Alternatively we also offer a height-adjustable spring sets for the Audi RS7, which allow the option of a discreet and continuously adjustable lowering in conjunction with the Audi RS7 standard suspension.

You can find more about the KW Variant 4 or about all our products available for the Audi RS7 Sportback directly on our KW homepage. You can also use our dealer search to get in touch with our certified dealers directly.

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