Extension of the ST delivery program: more and more sport springs available

For more and more current vehicle models, we from ST suspensions are developing new lowering springs in OEM quality. The spring rates of the ST suspensions sport springs harmonize perfectly with the respective adjustment of the series dampers.

For example, we have developed springs for the beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (Type 952), which allow an approved lowering of 20 mm on both axles. Our springs are also available for Giulia models with rear and four-wheel drive.

The ST suspensions sport springs in connection with the vehicle weight, the wheel loads and the level of intended lowering have a great influence on the compression and rebound behavior of the series dampers.

The ST suspensions sports springs made of chrome silicon steel do not only carry the vehicle weight but also guarantee a more direct driving pleasure due to the specially adapted spring rates – even on sports cars like the BMW M2.

For all models of the new VW Arteon (type 3H) including the 4Motion sedans, the ST springs are now available which lower the Arteon by 30 mm.

Depending on the technical requirements, we use springs with a linear or progressive spring rate. With a linear spring rate, it remains the same over the entire spring travel, while with progressive springs, the spring rate increases over the course of the spring travel.

The spring rate describes the stiffness (hardness) of the spring. The higher the spring rate, the more force is needed to compress the spring. The unit for this is N/mm or as a rule of thumb kg/cm, which means to compress a 70N/mm spring by 1 cm, it requires 70kg of force (or weight). The spring rate in particular takes influence on the build-up frequency of the vehicle.

In addition to the new Honda Civic Type R (FK8), the ST springs are also available for the Honda Civic X (FC) sedan. While the sedan can be lowered by 30 mm on both axles, a lowering of 20 mm is possible at the already “lower” Type R (FK8).

The Mini III Clubman (type F54) can also be lowered by 30 mm on both axles with our ST springs and this way the attractive “oversized” Mini gets a much more direct handling.

The sixth generation of the Suzuki Swift is a bit more compact than the direct predecessor and it is based on a new floor assembly. With the ST springs, the small car can be lowered by 30 mm on the front axle as well as on the rear axle.

Our constantly extended range of ST springs already includes more than 1.000 applications, and our springs are even available for the latest generation of the Chevrolet Camaro VI. When ordering these springs, it must be difference between the coupe and the convertible due to the different spring rates. The tested lowering is 20 mm.

On our official ST suspensions homepage, the ST spring kits can be ordered quickly and easily. We have also integrated a dealer search on our homepage so that you can right away find a competent installation partner or a competent ST supplier in your area.

If you are also looking for wheel spacers, you will find the perfect spacers at ST. If you do not know how wide a wheel spacer can max. be mounted on your vehicle, just open our wheel spacer checklist (which we have deposited as PDF on the homepage) and click on the image with the wheel spacers.

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