For every BMW M2, M3 and M4 the perfect suspension

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Since years the famous BMW M cars are part of the highest class of sports cars. For every demand we offer you the perfect suspension for your BMW M.


It doesn’t matter if you search a decent lowering for your BMW M2, M3 or M4 or you are in the need of maximum performance on the road. Our worldwide leading state of the art suspension technology will get you covered.

KW thread springs upgrade your M suspension with the option of an adjustable lowering

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A brilliant alternative for lowering your car are the KW springs with height adjustment. Contrary to traditional spring kits they are not limited to an established lowering. The level of lowering can be adjusted easily to your individual requirements within an approved lowering range. The BMW M4 is the perfect car for our KW height adjustable springs due to its axle design.


During our installation tests with traditional springs we realized that there isn’t a suspension travel anymore by a lowering of 35 mm. The M4 will only absorb via the serial bump stop. Therefore the ride is uncomfortable and in critical driving situations it can get dangerous. This is the reason why the height adjustable springs on the M4 allow a maximum lowering of 5 to 25 mm, so there is enough free spring travel to drive the BMW in a sportive way and also have a comfortable driving experience.

KW Variant 3 – the perfect suspension for every road

Drivers with KW coilover suspensions installed benefit from our motorsport technology applied for the road. While most coilover kits only allow you to lower the car, the stainless steel KW coilover Variant 3 kit offers the advantage to separately adjust the rebound and compression damping forces.


Your KW V3 dampers come with a recommended setting right out of the box, but can also be adjusted according to the personal preferences. For example; to consider the handling due to changed wheel- / tire-dimensions, the rebound can be changed within 16 individual settings.


For the compression damping, the purple click wheel is integrated in the stainless steel strut or rear axle damper housing. By changing the compression, a significant influence on the body roll movements can be made and the steering behavior can be further adapted without having to change the rebound damping.


Putting it simply, the Variant 3 coilovers allow you to adjust the handling of the BMW M to your individual driving demand.


It does not matter if the BMW M is primarily used on country roads for trips at the weekend or for long distances on the highway.

In the YouTube Video see above there is explained the function and advantage of the KW Variant 3 daming. If you visit with your daily driven BMW M a lot of trackdays we suggest our KW 3 Way Clubsport coilover system.

Uncompromising maximum driving dynamics: KW 3 Way Clubsport Coilover suspension


The KW 3 Way Clubsport coilover kit makes it possible to optimally adjust the driving behavior of the BMW M2 to reach fast lap times at the race track.


For example, the BMW M2 Clubsport coilovers can be optimally adjusted for the prevailing conditions on the Nürburgring Nordschleife which are known to vary widely throughout it’s 12+ mile track configuration.


With KW 3 way Clubsport coilovers you are not only able to select from the expertly tuned “Track-Setup” and “Road-Setup” provided in the setup manual, the KW racing valve technology even allows the user to fine tune the damper settings in the high speed (14 clicks) & low speed (6 clicks) compression as well as rebound (16 clicks), all of which function independently of each other.


The KW 3 Way Clubsport coilover suspension is different than conventional sports suspensions and coilovers. In addition to the racing spring system used, KW also offers an adjustable 3 way high performance damper.


A BMW M equipped with a KW 3 Way Clubsport coilover kit drives extremely precise and direct in all driving situations and is sure to increase the dynamics of what is set to be an instant classic released by BMW.


With the KW 3 Way Clubsport coilovers, every BMW M receives the same suspension technology as the BMW M4 GTS and the successful BMW Z4 GT3 with which BMW claimed the overall victory at the 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps race.


For further details and prices about our suspension for your BMW M please open our shoping tool at our website

Photos: KW, EAS, TVW Car Design, SwissRichStreets / T.M.Supercars Photography

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