2.7 tons of downforce at 241 km/h: The new Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck competes with e-power on Pikes Peak

Outfitted with a cutting-edge aerodynamic dress, the Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck generates a remarkable 2.7 tons of downforce at a speed of 241 km/h

For years, KW Automotive has been defined by a spirit of turning the impossible into reality and seeing challenges as opportunities. This relentless drive, combined with the passion of petrol heads, fuels innovation not just for us, but for countless racing teams and development departments of automobile manufacturers. Ford Performance’s recent electrified SuperVans are a prime example, making waves in the industry.

In 2023, the Ford SuperVan 4.2 conquered Pikes Peak in 8:47.682 minutes, with Romain Dumas behind the wheel

For over two years, the Austrian rally and motorsport specialists STARD (Stohl Advanced Research and Development) have partnered with the Ford Design Team to create a sensation with the evolving Ford Pro Electric SuperVan Concept and the subsequent Ford SuperVan 4.2.

Goodwood Festival of Speed Goodwood, Engalnd 23rd – 26th June 2022 Photo: Drew Gibson

From the Goodwood Festival of Speed to the grueling Bathurst 12-hour and the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, our chassis engineering unleashed the full potential of the SuperVans, ensuring they could handle their immense power of up to 2,000 horsepower.

Three electric motors power the SuperTruck

Building on the success of the “electric van project,” Ford Performance has unveiled its latest creation: the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck. The project’s visionary team remains at the helm.

You can of course also find out more about the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan Concept on our blog – just click on the picture

Mark your calendars for June 23rd, 2024, as the iconic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb returns for its 102nd running. Nicknamed the “Race to the Clouds,” this historic event has been a proving ground for automotive innovation and a magnet for top racing teams for decades.

This year, Ford is returning to Pikes Peak, the legendary hill climb nicknamed “Race to the Clouds,” with another all-electric vehicle, just like in 2023. The challenge is immense: the race begins at 2,862 meters in Colorado and climbs a further 1,439 meters over nearly 20 kilometers (12.42 miles). With over 150 bends and frequent cloud cover, it’s no wonder they call it “Race to the Clouds”!

A meticulously designed aerodynamic package, inspired by the Ford F-150 truck, is mounted on the tubular frame construction. This generates a phenomenal 2,722 kilograms (6,000 pounds) of downforce at a speed of 241 km/h (150 mph).

This impressive downforce is achieved through a meticulously designed aerodynamic package, featuring: headlight channels, a multipart front wing, flaps, hood louvres, an underbody aero, a rear diffuser, and a multipart rear wing. It exemplifies the principle that aerodynamics, alongside engine performance, brakes, and chassis, is a crucial element for peak vehicle performance.

The drivetrain features three STARD UHP 6-phase electric motors powered by special ultra-high-performance Li-polymer NMC cells. These motors combine to generate over 1400 horsepower, delivered directly to the wheels. This immense power necessitates the use of our custom-built KW Racing dampers.

Braking performance is delivered by a carbon-ceramic system, while ultra-lightweight magnesium wheels wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero tires ensure optimal grip. Just like in 2023, Romain Dumas will pilot the vehicle as he returns for another shot at the summit.

On the Mount Panorama Circuit in Australia as part of the Thrifty Bathurst 500

Having conquered Pikes Peak multiple times, the fast Frenchman, Romain Dumas, set a new record in 2018 with a blistering 7:57 minutes in the VW I.D. R Pikes Peak. Now, with the Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck, the question remains: how fast can he go in 2024?

Photo Ford

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