Full ST suspensions program for Ford Focus RS II and RS500!

In addition to suspension developments for current vehicle models, ST suspensions, a brand of the KW automotive group, offers numerous suspension components for more and more used cars. For the popular Ford Focus RS II and special model Ford Focus RS500, ST suspensions introduces a wide range of suspension components.

In addition to the 30 mm lowering springs, ST DZX and AZX wheel spacers, there are two coilover kits also available in program. Adjustable aluminum unibal top mounts, dampers that can be adjusted in rebound with 16 clicks and racing springs characterize the ST XTA coilover suspension for the Ford Focus RS II (type DA3, DA3-RS).

Compared to conventional sport suspensions and coilovers, the ST suspensions, manufactured by KW automotive in Germany, provides the capability to fine tune the dampers. Damper forces can be adjusted more comfortable or tighter in just a few manual steps.

The adjustable aluminum unibal top mounts for the front axle are an integral part of the delivery content. By changing the camber angle you can optimize the tire’s contact surface allowing for more aggressive cornering.

Ideal for drivers who want to get the maximum performance from their Ford Focus RS and miss the possibility of camber adjustment on their series RS. As an alternative, the ST X coilover suspension kit with non-adjustable dampers are available.

Both ST coilovers allow a continuously lowering of 25 – 50 mm on the drive axle and 20 – 45 mm on the rear axle.

The damper technology coupled with the ST springs also enhances the driving dynamics of the sporty Focus RS with its five-cylinder turbocharged engine. The Ford really craves for curves and it lies directly and safely on the road. The days when a coilover suspension meant a harsher ride than a conventional suspension are long gone.

By using shorter damper housings, the suspension travel in a coilover suspension, for exclusive road use, can gain up to one centimeter longer travel than with the standard suspension. This leaves enough comfort in everyday life even while allowing lowering.

In combination with the standard dampers, the springs provide a lowering of 30 mm at the front axle and 20 mm at the rear axle. The ST sport springs are manufactured to OEM quality standards. Built from chrome silicon steel in a cold-winding process, the springs are multi-coated and have a final epoxy coating.

With the ST DZX and AZX spacers it is possible to quickly and easily widen the track of the Ford Focus RS II. The DZX spacers are available in thicknesses of 5, 12.5 and 15 mm and allow widening of the axles from 10 to 30 mm each side.

The conical shaped ST adapters guarantee a perfect wheel centering. So an imbalance due to the wheel spacers cannot occur, preventing vibrations on the steering wheel. The adapters, made of a polyamide composite material, also prevent the occurrence of corrosion on the wheel hub and the rim.

In addition, the unsprung mass is reduced by their significant weight reduction. The DZX wheel spacers are assembled with the innovative ST shaft nuts. As a result, no complicated conversion measurements on the wheel hub are necessary, as is often the case with conventional wheel spacers.

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The delivery program of ST suspensions with springs, sport dampers, sport suspensions, coilover kits, wheel spacers and anti sway bars combines leading KW technology for the street with the best price-performance-ratio.

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