Height Adjustable Springs for latest Audi S6 developed

KW already has had the height adjustable springs that were introduced in 2008 with the option of individual lowering in its product range for more than 90 vehicle applications. These springs, also known as height adjustable springs, are also available for sporty compact models such as the Audi RS3, VW Golf 7 GTI, and other models. Now KW automotive developed the springs for the latest Audi S6 (C8, type F2).

In conjunction with the adaptive Audi S sports suspension with damper control (standard equipment), KW height adjustable springs can be used to achieve an infinitely variable lowering of up to 25 millimeters.

Due to the design, since the standard suspension including its damper housings and struts remains in the car, the adjustment range is comparatively discreet compared to a lowering with a coilover suspension kit.

The lowering is adjusted using the vehicle-specific KW threaded sleeves, which are fitted to the standard spring struts during installation, and the rear axle height adjustment. Besides, the original dust protection elements are also replaced by special KW elastomer suspension elements with dust protection.

The 349 bhp Audi S6 Avant and the Audi S6 sedan can be lowered by 5 – 25 millimeters thanks to the height-adjustable springs on both axles.

The functions of the original damper control are all retained, and the spring rates harmonize with the dynamic and comfort-oriented dialed setup of the adaptive standard dampers. Also, the exchange of the standard parts against the KW spring set can be carried out in any specialist workshop within a short time. Due to the simple assembly of the springs with their height adjustment and the precisely fit dust protection elements, KW coil springs are also ideal for leased vehicles due to their quick retrofitting.

At our homepage www.kwsuspensions.net you can dial your car and can check, if also for your vehicle we have developed KW height adjustable springs.

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