Increased handling for the Alfa Romeo Giulia (952)

KW Variant 3 – the perfect suspension for the daily ride

In contrast to other aftermarket suspensions, our KW Variant 3 has the advantage that the coilover is thoroughly made of stainless steel, which enables independent adjustment of the dampers in compression and rebound. Now the popular suspension is also available for the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

The KW coilover kit enriches the four-door limousine with more direct handling, more safety at the driving dynamic limits and is suitable for everyday driving.

Adjustable compression forces in the lowspeed range

For example, if you equip your Alfa with a different wheel/tire combination, you can quickly adjust the suspension kit to your individual requirements. Changing the compression influences the bodywork’s roll and further improves the steering behavior.

Integrated rebound adjuster wheel at the rear shock

When the rebound valves are more opened, comfort is increased when driving slowly, but the KW valve technology used in the Variant 3 offers even more.

The use of preconfigured high-speed compression valves prevents the vehicle from jumping, which can happen with conventional suspension kits when driving over bumps.

The high-speed compression valves open when there is a “certain system pressure” and thus the wheel can dive due to this blow-off characteristic even when the low-speed compression is closed. In addition to this valve technology, the spring rates and the special KW damper casings also have an influence on the ride comfort.

The days when lowering with a coilover came at the expense of comfort are long gone thanks to high quality KW suspensions like our street performance kit KW Variant 3 . After installing the Variant 3, the limousine reacts even more directly to steering movements.

Roll and pitch are further reduced. The driving dynamic limit range also shifts further back and thereby, sporty driving becomes even safer.

If you stay within the limits of the technical parts certificate for the stepless lowering and do not exaggerate with the wheel-tire combination with extremely low-profile tires, you will hardly suffer any loss of ride comfort.

Within the bounds of the technical parts certificate, the KW coilover allows you to lower the Alfa Romeo Giulia (952) in the range of 15 to 35 millimeters, despite the low center of gravity.

Via our dealer search on you will surely find a KW dealer in your area who will be happy to assist you with a professional suspension installation and wheel alignment.

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