It’s official: The Red Bull Driftbrothers starting with two 1,050 hp BMW M4 Competition (G82)!

Every BMW M4 disposes of a drift suspension from KW automotive

It’s simply insane! An automobile manufacturer directly and officially supports a drift team for the first time in the German-speaking world. The brothers Elias and Johannes Hountondji – known as the Red Bull Driftbrothers – will participate in the 2021 Drift Masters European Championship with two brand new BMW M4 Competition (G82)!

The two BMW M4 Competition cars were presented at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg

Like so many others who would like to be taught in drifting, the Driftbrothers pay dearly at the beginning of their long drifting career. Who didn’t do so in the world of motorsports? Some setbacks simply evoked their ambition and over the almost two decades of professional drifting, they became masters of their trade.

They have won numerous races and even the European Championship as drivers and as a team. In 2021, they will no longer compete with their Nissan Coupés and BMW E30, but with two BMW M4 Competition (G82) cars.

While some engines of their old sports vehicles have been replaced over the years and the two brothers ended up driving with fat US V8 under the bonnet, both BMW M4 Competition cars are powered by a redesigned BMW M in-line six-cylinder (S58B30T0).

In fact, the standard performance of the in-line six-cylinder was almost doubled and, depending on the setup, the BMW engine reaches 1,050 hp and heaves almost 1,300 Newton meters into the drivetrain!

As with other drift projects, KW automotive supports the brothers with its ST suspensions brand.

The Red Bull Driftbrothers show the built of their two BMW M4 Competition in a YouTube documentary in several parts.

The challenge was that both BMW M4s had to be rebuilt from the base within a very short period.

The entire cooling circuit of the immensely charged S58B30T0 had to be specifically redesigned. Thus, there is another heat exchanger in the rear in order to get the temperature under control.

Safety also remains a top priority in drift racing. Both M4 have a safety cell from AST Roll Cages.

The whole axle geometry of the two BMW M4 Competition (G82) models has been redesigned, just like the suspension.

For the gears, a five-speed sequential gearbox from Samsonas is used and was tweaked a little by the Red Bull Driftbrothers’ engineering partner

The focus of part six is on the turbos and custom-made carbon fiber doors from BMW.

Our colleagues from the KW Competition motorsport department, who developed a multi-adjustable KW Competition Drift Spec suspension for the two BMW M4 (G82) branded with ST suspensions, were on site at the roll-out at the Hockenheim Ring. By the way, our KW coilovers are already available for all BMW M4 (G82) including technical parts certificate.

The aerodynamics of the two BMW M4 Competition (G82) vehicles were also adapted for drifting. The entire body kit was manufactured by the BMW M Prototype Department, which partly used components from the BMW M Performance Parts delivery program.

On July 10 and 11, the Driftbrothers will take part in the BMW M4 Competition for the first time at the season opener of the Drift Masters European Championship in Greinbach, Austria.

Photos Red Bull Content Pool (Sebastian Marko), Driftbrothers, BMW

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