JDM seduction: Toyota GT86 meets KW V3 and KW HLS!


After Toyota decided to say “Sayonara” to sports cars like the Toyota Supra, mid-engined Toyota MR-2 and even to the Toyota Celica in 2005, nobody had the Japanese manufacturer on the sports cars list anymore. After announcing and showcasing the Toyota FT-86 concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show 2005 a lot of JDM fans were stoked.


Only two years later the Toyota 86 launched at his domestic market in Japan and the 2+2 sports car with its 200 hp boxer engine and rear wheel drive conquests with different names (Toyota 86, Toyota FT86, Toyota GT86 and Scion FR-S) the hearts of JDM fans.

It doesn’t matter if you build a Clubsport Racer for the Nürburgring Nordschleife, a radical time-attack race car like Evasive Motorsports in the video above or an awesome stance movement car with a bodykit from TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny.


The whole tuning scene seemed to have waited for an old school car like the Toyota GT86. Remember it “only” features a naturally aspirated 2.0 liter boxer engine!


In Poland the JDM fans also loves the Toyota GT86 and the KW suspensions dealer JDL Performance modified the GT86 of their customer Mario to “Polish Dynamite”. Just as so many GT86  fans Mario trusts in our well known KW coilover kit Variant 3 as well.


Made from stainless steel and independently adjustable in rebound and compression forces the KW V3 gives your car far more than only an adjustable ride height for maximum stance. Even the Evasive Motorsports FR-S or the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Mackin Industries FR-S using a KW suspension kit with adjustable damper forces. Mario also equipped his Toyota with a Cusco rear control arm.


Okay, Mario had also installed a KW Clubsport kit like our friends of Speed Academy for their Targa Newfoundland FR-S did, but the Polish petrolhead wanted to do something different with his GT86. He upgraded his KW Variant 3 with our KW Hydraulic Lift System! If you also want to upgrade your KW suspension with our HLS for your Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ or Toyota GT86 keep in mind Mario is using a prototype for his car. For an individual HLS consulting drop us an email info@kwautomotive.de

For the HLS installation we equip the KW struts with a hydraulic lifting cylinder, installing a hydraulic compressor and steel flex lines and after pushing the HLS button Mario’s GT86 lifts on both axles up to about 45 millimeters.


Mario modified his European Toyota GT86 with the optional GT86 Aerobody and a lot of more parts. Fans of the GT86 will recognize the Seibon hood, the APR spoiler lip and the beautiful 19″ Rays Wheels (Design 57FXX).


And the APR spoiler lip is not a part you want to lose going over a speed bump or at your garage driveway. But Mario’s Toyota has much more to show.


At the rear you encounter a mighty Voltex GT V2 wing, Velox diffusor and a stainless steel exhaust. Shortly after that the Pole wanted to do much more with his Toyota. Recently he installed an Avo Turbo Kit resulting in a new engine performance of about 330 hp. But Mario is still not done building his GT86 as the next step of upgrading his engine will be the installation of a Cosworth supercharger! With the turbo and the supercharger I guess I will have 450 hp, he said.


More horsepower is always a good investment. By the way on Facebook www.facebook.com/Projekt86byMario you can check the latest news about Mario’s Toyota GT86!

Photos JDL Performance, Mario, Nate Hassler (Superstreet Magazine), Pako Chan Photography, Evasive Motorsports

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