Ken Blocks Daily Drivers and Dream Car features KW and ST

Recently, Ford Performance helped Ken Block debut his latest vehicle acquisition: a 1986 Ford RS200. Originally built to compete in the Group B era of the World Rally Championship, Ken’s car is one of 200 units that were required to be built to meet homologation rules.

Ken Block’s RS200 features an Evolution variant of the 4-cylinder turbo motor, custom tuned to make 700+ horsepower.

The car also features a custom black paint job with matte black vinyl laid on top, upgraded interior, custom KW coilover suspension, fifteen52 wheels and Toyo Tires.

The Ford Focus RS is also equipped with a set of fifteen52 rims and the ST XTA coilover kit. Our XTA suspension allows a fine tuning of the dampers with just a few hand movements, compared to conventional sport suspensions and coilover kits.

The damper forces can be adjusted to be either more comfortable or tighter. By the way the street legal ST XTA coilover kit allows a continuous lowering of 30 – 50 mm on the front axle and 35 – 55 mm on the rear axle.

The KW equipped RS200 is Ken’s Dream Car and recently Ken and the “Hoonigan pack” shot an awesome video about their Dream Cars. Even Brian Scotto’s RWB Porsche features KW coilovers.

Photos Hoonigan, ST

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