KW automotive expands delivery program for Seat models: KW DDC for Seat Leon IV available

KW automotive has developed a wide range of adaptive and conventional sports suspensions with continuously variable lowering for the new Seat Leon (type KL). According to the parts report, the infinitely variable adjustment range is between 20 and 45 millimeters for the four KW suspensions coilover kits.

While the KW Variant 1 coilover kit has a sporty-harmonic setup preset for the Seat Leon IV (type KL), this vehicle-specific basic setup can be individually adjusted to the personal requirements in various driving dynamic parameters for the KW Variant 2 and KW Variant 3 coilover kits.

Adjustable in comfort and handling – through integrated control wheels

The rebound damping of KW Variant 2, which can be adjusted in 16 clicks, has a direct influence on handling characteristics. This setting can be used to set a more comfortable or stiffer ride if desired.

The KW Variant 3 coilover suspension offers even more leeway when adjusting the driving behavior. It differs from typical coilover suspensions and standard spare parts by the separate compression and rebound tuning.

Our basic damper setup, which is preset to the wheel/tire combinations approved by Seat, can be individually adjusted when changing to larger wheels and tires. The rebound damping, which can be adjusted with 16 clicks, allows you to directly influence the handling and comfort. By increasing the rebound force via the adjustment wheel, the body movements on the vehicle are reduced.

This makes the Leon more directionally stable and, at higher cornering speeds, increases driving safety through greater overall stability. Also, the 12 click compression setting gives the driver the freedom to take individual tire characteristics into account and further influence driving behavior and comfort.

Broad connectivity: adaptive KW suspension technology

KW DDC plug&play coilover kits are available for a variety of vehicles with electronically adjustable dampers. These KW electronically adjustable sports suspension kits with continuous lowering are also available for the Seat Leon IV with optional adaptive suspension control.

All the series functions of the Seat suspension control system are retained. The suspension control works directly via the Seat hardware and within hundredths of a second, the electronically adaptive KW shocks adapt to the respective situation.

As with every KW coilover suspension kit, the level of continuous lowering is adjusted manually via the rear axle height adjustment and the trapezoidal thread on the MacPherson front axle struts. The tested lowering adjustment range for all KW coilovers for the Seat Leon IV (type KL) is between 20 and 45 millimeters.

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