KW develops an innovative damper technology as a benchmark for the aftermarket industry: The KW Variant 5

With the introduction of the KW Variant 5 Coilover suspension kit, KW automotive, the suspension manufacturer once again lives up to its market leadership in individual suspension innovations.

Compared to conventional coilover suspension kits, shocks, and sports suspension kits in the OEM industry and the aftermarket, KW relies on its successful state-of-the-art motorsports suspension technology, with a modular solid piston damping system.

By connecting the valves in series, KW achieves a cavitation-free function at a low gas pressure and a precise high-frequency function due to the low damper valve lift. The entire system ensures low hysteresis and direct response in damping which has never been achieved in the aftermarket industry.

The V5 shocks react immediately, even with small spring travel, fast steering movements, and minimal bumps. The KW V5 can also be independently adjusted with 14 exact clicks in the low and high-speed damping forces of the compression and rebound stages.

KW solid piston shocks support the vehicle body more optimally than conventional dampers and thus lower spring rates can also be used. The KW Variant 5 prevents inharmonic handling or even loss of grip due to high spring rates.

The new V5 product range is the next generation of high-performance coilover suspension kits from KW automotive in Germany. Depending on vehicle-specific requirements, the 4-way adjustable Variant 5 is available for axle geometries with MacPherson struts, double-wishbone or multi-link axles and push rod wheel suspensions, developed exclusively for sports cars and super sports cars, are also available.

Depending on the axle geometry, KW manufactures the shock housing and suspension struts of the Variant 5 from aluminum or stainless steel in its German manufactory and, depending on the vehicle model, uses aluminum unibal top-mounts, progressive spring or linear spring design. In the future, the versatile KW solid piston technology will also be the basis for fully active suspension systems and will be expanded further

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