KW develops three-way-coilover kit for Mercedes-AMG GT R

The KW Variant 4 coilover kit with its three-way high-performance dampers now unleashes the current Mercedes-AMG GT top model GT R (Type 197). With KW suspension, the 585 hp “Gran Turismo” is even more saturated on the tarmac, even on poor side roads, the dampers prevent an inharmonious driving behavior.

The cooperation between the suspension manufacturer KW automotive and Mercedes-AMG goes back to a successful history. Countless AMG Black Series models are already equipped from the factory with KW suspensions. KW also works closely with Mercedes-AMG for racing.

For example, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 from the Mercedes customer sport program is delivered to the motorsport teams with KW Competition racing dampers. While according to the regulations two-way KW high performance dampers are used in the Mercedes racing car, the KW coilovers Variant 4 from the “KW Street Performance” delivery program has three-way high-performance shock absorbers.

Whether on a trip to the racetrack or for everyday life, with the new KW coilover kit, the GT R is lying fully on the road. With the Variant 4, the Mercedes-AMG acts neutral on load changes and has a direct steering behavior. On poor roads with a wavy asphalt surface, the suspension dampens harmoniously and prevents restless driving. Nodding and rolling movements of the body structure are significantly reduced.

The separately adjustable rebound, low-speed compression and high-speed compression stage give our customers numerous options to adapt their AMG GT R on their personal driving demand and no longer have to live with the compromise of the series.


The three-way valve technology of the Variant 4 with its 16 clicks for rebound forces, six clicks in low-speed compression level (seven characteristic lines) and 15 clicks in high-speed compression (16 characteristic lines) allow to individually adjust the Mercedes-AMG GT R in driving behavior to the personal preferences of the driver.

This multi-valve technology also makes it possible to consider the grip level of the tires when changing from road tires to sport tires. Even with maximum lowering and fast driving over bumps or large transverse joints, the wheels spring in through the blow-off characteristics of the Variant 4 dampers.

The KW coilover suspension allows on the front axle of the AMG GT R a continuous lowering from 20 to 40 millimeters and at the drive axle from 20 to 45 millimeters.

Hydraulic lift kit for Mercedes-AMG suspension and KW Variant 4

Many super cars and sports cars are often equipped with hydraulic lift systems from the factory. For the AMG GT R, there is no lift kit on the option list.

AMG GT-R meeting the NEW G Class.

FACTS:Wheels: FlowForged | ZP3.1 Deep Concave in Gloss BlackSuspension: KW suspensions V4 + HLS2Exhaust: Frequency Intelligent Exhaust – Fi Exhaust + DownpipesPartner: Custom Wheels & Tuning Protection Wrap G Wagon by Plus Autotrade.

Gepostet von Z-Performance Wheels am Sonntag, 12. August 2018

If you still want to get more ground clearance at the touch of a button, you can equip your AMG with our proven KW HLS.  The lift kit is available in various options for the KW Variant 4 and also for the standard suspension. Depending on the setup, the hydraulic lifting cylinders increase the ground clearance of the GT R by 40 millimeters. The KW coilovers Variant 4 with its three-way high-performance shock absorbers are also available as a set with the hydraulic lift system or the KW HLS in conjunction with a KW coilover spring set where the series dampers can further be used.

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