KW extends Classic product line: Adjustable dampers developed for Porsche 356 restorations

In the past years, KW automotive has developed an extensive delivery program of different suspension solutions especially for Porsche cars and has positioned it successfully on the market.

 KW 7-Post Rig KW V3 damper test on Porsche 911 Turbo

Besides homologized applications for Porsche race cars and numerous coilovers for current Porsche models, KW also offers dampers, coilover kits, and motor sport suspensions for more and more classic models.

Modern damper technology for classics

We now also have a KW classic suspension kit available for the Porsche 356, first series model of the sports car manufacturer. This suspension kit is not an adjustable KW coilover kit for continuous lowering, but an adjustable damper kit which allows continued use of the torsion bar springs.

Older suspension- and damper developments, based on the state of technics back when it was launched on the market, could often cause an unharmonious or even hard to control driving behavior at the limit in combination with modern tires. With our KW classic dampers for the Porsche 356, this is not the case.


The V2 dampers differ from the older dampers on the original equipment by an adjustable rebound damping (KW TVR-A-technology).

Therefore, an increased sportiness and body control as well as increased driving comfort can be optionally adjusted with just a few manual steps directly at the damper. For changing the dampening, 16 exact clicks are available, where each click changes the driving behavior of the Porsche 356.


For the installation, the old series dampers or equipment components are replaced by the KW classic dampers. A modification of the torsion bar springs is not needed; finally the dampers are designed for the original spring rate. As suspension manufacturer we also put a great value on the fact that there are no changes necessary at the installation points.

We deliver the KW classic dampers for street use. The new V2 dampers for the air-cooled Porsche classic are perfectly suitable for the use of current tires with modern carcass structure and tire compounds.

As an alternative to our KW Classic variant 2 dampers, we also offer individual suspension solutions for the Porsche 356 in consultation with our customers.

The fascination of the classic Porsche 356, for example, is experiencing an immense revival in the United States, and one of the best addresses is the American Rod Emory.

Emory Motorsports has been producing so-called “Porsche 356 Outlaws” for over 20 years; The Emory family has been discovering their love for Porsche since the 1960s.

For example, the Porsche workshop Emory Motorsports from the USA uses our bespoke chassis applications for classic Porsche models.

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