KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit for TAG Motorsports BMW M4

The recently-launched BMW M4 (F82) is one of the most exciting sportscars available right now, boasting a 3.0-litre twin turbo engine delivering 430bhp to the rear wheels and hitting 60mph in just 3.9-seconds (M-DCT transmission). With that sort of performance as standard it was always going to be a big hit with tuners worldwide – something TAG Motorsports have taken full advantage of already…


Nicknamed ‘Black Betty’, the TAG Motorsports BMW M4 has already been equipped with forged HRE wheels, Pirelli P-Zero tyres and an Akropovic performance exhaust system along with huge ceramic brake upgrades. But the California-based tuners now needed to upgrade the handling and stance of the M4, something only KW suspensions could achieve!

M4 KW HAS Product-6

Our Height Adjustable Spring Kits are the perfect alternative to ‘traditional’ fixed lowering springs, allowing the ride height to be adjusted between a certain amount (just like a coilover setup) but while retaining the stock suspension dampers. With the TAG Motorsports BMW M4 boasting electronic damping as standard, this also means the factory system remains fully functional.

M4 KW HAS-12

This upgrade works by sliding over the stock suspension and once fitted gives the BMW M4 a continuous lowering of between 5-25mm, greatly improving the stance as well as improved driving dynamics and steering feel.

KW Ride height-2

‘The KW solution works well for us, as we like to swap the wheels and look on our cars so frequently meaning different ride heights depending on wheel and tyre size’ explained TAG Motorsports. ‘Overall the ride is MUCH better than just going with standard springs. The ride is more firm in the normal ‘sport’ mode but not uncomfortable. It also makes the car much more stable, removing some of the bounciness from stock.’

KW Ride height-7

You can see the full installation and driving impressions from the TAG Motorsports team by visiting the BMW M4 build thread here:

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