KW Height Adjustable Springs for VW Golf 7 GTI and further “VeeDubs”

The height-adjustable KW springs are now available for many cars like the VW Golf 7 GTI with or without adaptive DCC shocks.

Similar to a coilover suspension kit, the height adjustable springs (KW HAS) allows a stepless lowering. The GTI Golf can be lowered at the front axle between 25 – 40 millimeters and at the rear axle between 15 – 30 millimeters. With conventional lowering springs a continuous lowering is not possible.

The installation of our KW height adjustable springs can be carried out in every specialist workshop within a few work units. The variable range in lowering has the great advantage that when changing the wheel-tire combination, the lowering level can be adapted to the new rims. This is not possible with conventional suspension springs.

In combination with the standard dampers in the GTI, the KW height adjustable springs allow harmonious and direct handling. The height-adjustable springs are available for VW Golf 7 GTI, VW Golf GTI Clubsport, VW Golf 7 R (Variant also), Seat Leon Cupra R, Seat Leon ST Cupra 4Drive, Seat ATEAC 4drive and Cupra Ateca 4drive. The level of lowering differs from at each application.

Visit our homepage and browse the dealer search to find an official KW contact in your region or order your set of KW HAS direct in our Shop.

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