KW UK Preparing for Goodwood Festival of Speed with Meguiar’s

Earlier this week Dom from Meguiar’s came to KW UK HQ to lend a hand preparing our Porsche 997 Turbo and Focus ST demo cars. The cars are set to appear on our display at Goodwood Festival of Speed later this week, so we needed to ensure they were looking their best for the event.  With both cars being black, Dom used the Meguiar’s Microfibre Correction System to bring them back to a showroom shine.


Our Porsche’s paint work was in good condition, but the Focus ST was a different kettle of fish! Regular track use and several weekends exploring Welsh B roads meant the paint had seen better days. Dom was confident this could easily be revived with a little Meguiar’s magic though!


The traditional approach would be to use Ultimate Compound on a Polishing Pad applied with a Meguiar’s G220. However Dom decided to take a different approach by using the DA Microfibre Correction System.


The Microfibre Correction System uses a very different approach and innovative technology to achieve swirl-free results. This is a professional system that does require a good knowledge of Meguiar’s products and of the system itself. It is designed to give the fast cut of a rotary machine with the safety and ease of a Dual Action polisher. There are four elements to the system – Correction pads, Correction compound, Finishing pads and Finishing wax.


Initially we washed and dried both cars to remove all loose debris and dirt. After assessing the paint we then attached the microfibre cutting pad to the Dual Action Polisher using speed setting 4 (approximately 4800 O.P.M). After applying a liberal amount of product onto the pad we then began to buff the surface, working a 2ft x 2ft area at a time. We carried out two passes with moderate pressure followed by two passes using light pressure. After this, the product residue was removed with a clean micro fibre. Really impressive results with relatively little effort!


Once the swirls were removed from the paint, the next step was to apply the DA Microfibre Finishing Wax. This wax helps to refine the surface while providing a long lasting and durable gloss. When waxing, we ensured the DA Polisher is set to speed 3 (approximately 3800 O.P.M), applying the product to the entire car ensuring that it has a thin uniform coat. Allowing the wax to dry and then buff off the residue with a clean microfibre – job done!



Freshly finished and looking great, both cars will be displaying at Goodwood Festival of Speed on the 26th-29th of June. Come by and meet the KW UK team, check out the new products and try your hand at Raceroom.

See you there!

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