KW Variant 1, Variant 2 and Variant 3 coilovers now available for all BMW 4 Series Coupes (G22) – a brief advice for your purchase

We at KW automotive have the first height-adjustable sports suspensions aka KW coilovers in its delivery program including parts certificate for numerous models and versions of the current BMW 4 Series Coupe (G22).

More specifically, we are talking about the KW Variant 1, Variant 2 and Variant 3 coilovers, which are now available for all BMW 4 Series Coupes (G22) with or without BMW xDrive (all-wheel drive) at our certified KW retail partners or directly at KW automotive. No worries: more KW coilovers for the BMW 4 Series Coupe (G22) will be released in the following months.

Many passionate BMW enthusiasts are clearly aware of the fact that KW has been involved in selected projects from the Garchinger Daimlerstraße (Home of BMW M in the North of Munich in Bavaria / Germany) for many years. Thus, some white-blue suspensions for vehicles with the most powerful letter in the world are actually yellow-purple.

However, we do not only equip rare special models, for instance one or the other safety car, but we are also working on even more interesting and demanding projects.

This has already been the case for years, as can be seen on the picture of the MotoGP BMW Z8, for which we even have a KW Variant 3 coilover with a parts certificate in our delivery program. From 2022 onwards, all BMW M4 GT3s will come with our 5-way adjustable racing dampers.

Of course, all drivers of a current BMW, such as the 4 Series Coupe (G22), who opt for a KW coilover benefit from our KW engineering.

1, 2, or 3? The differences between a KW Variant 1, Variant 2 and Variant 3

KW Variant 3 coilover for the BMW 4 Series (G22) Coupe

Some people are often uncertain about the question which KW coilover suits their individual needs the best. If you are primarily driving your BMW 4 Series Coupe (G22) on public roads, there’s no getting around of our KW coilovers listed in the “STREET PERFORMANCE” category.

We just released the KW Variant 1, Variant 2 and Variant 3 coilovers for the G22 with or without all-wheel drive. All three coilovers allow a stepless lowering of 30 to 50 millimeters on the front and rear axle within the scope of the technical parts certificate.

Whether a KW Variant 1, Variant 2, or Variant 3 coilover – our wheel-controlling suspension struts are for the most part always made of stainless steel (in the picture KW Variant 1 for VW Golf 2).

All three suspensions enrich the BMW with a sporty and harmonious driving performance, the damping is as tight as necessary and as comfortable as possible. The three coilovers differ in their details.

Image of a generic KW Variant 1 coilover with black powder coated rear axle damper housing.

While all of our coilover applications with a parts certificate for the BMW 4 Series (G22) are made of stainless steel, the rear axle dampers of the KW Variant 1 and KW Variant 2 coilovers are made of steel. From the KW Variant 3 coilover onwards, the rear axle dampers are equally made of stainless steel.

BMW multi-link rear axle with an installed KW Variant 3 coilover.

A multi-link rear axle is used for modern vehicles such as the current BMW 4 Series. For constructional reasons, the shock absorber is separated from the spring, and they are no longer built according to the MacPherson-principle. Hence, the lowering is set directly at the height adjustment on the spring.

Rebound adjustment on a KW Variant 2 coilover directly in the engine compartment.

The three KW coilovers also differ in their interior. Your KW Variant 1 coilover is produced in our factory in Fichtenberg specifically for your BMW 4 Series.

During production, we use KW Variant 1 valve components (valve springs, coil springs, valve carrier) for the compression and rebound, which are adapted to your BMW. The bottom valve aka compression valve as well as the rebound valve cannot be adjusted belatedly on the KW Variant 1. Also, we do not yet use multi-valve technology.

In comparison, from the KW Variant 2 coilover onwards, we rely on the KW multi-valve technology. In this case, the rebound has a two-part design. The high-speed rebound valve, which consists of a coil spring, shims and valve springs, is preloaded for the specific vehicle. However, the low-speed rebound can be fine-tuned directly via an adjustment spindle.

Always included in the scope of delivery: the KW Toolbox

At the top of the piston rod, you insert the purple adjustment wheel, which is always included in the KW Toolbox, in order to adapt the predetermined setup to your own driving sensation. There are 16 clicks to choose from so that you can adjust the handling more directly or more comfortably via the rebound.

To facilitate the rebound adjustment on the piston rod, we included several “rebound extensions” in our delivery program for years. They are well suited for the piston rod on the rear axle damper.

If there is enough space in current vehicles, we integrate the rebound adjustment wheel directly into the piston rod of the rear axle damper on the KW Variant 3 coilover. Many dealers call this version “V3+.”

The reason why the majority of our customers opt for a KW Variant 3 coilover when they seek to purchase a KW coilover for everyday use can be easily explained: it offers good value for the money like hardly any other coilover does. For example, it costs less than what most car manufacturer’s extra charge list for a navigation or infotainment package.

What makes a KW Variant 3 coilover so special when compared to a KW Variant 2 or Variant 1 is the separate damping force adjustment in the low-speed forces of the compression and rebound. As with the KW Variant 2, the low-speed rebound of KW Variant 3 can equally be set with 16 clicks for more direct handling or less direct handling and increased rolling comfort.

There are twelve clicks to adapt the shock absorber. Adjustments made to the compression mainly affect the body’s pitching and rolling movements as well as its turn-in behavior. If the valves are opened, the compression is reduced and the vehicle dives more quickly during steering movements.

Dismounted two-stage compression valve

If the compression is increased, the piston rod dives more slowly. Therefore, the BMW 4 Series Coupe (G22) becomes even more stable during steering movements. The turn-in behavior becomes more precise the more the compression is tuned.

Since we use a multi-valve technology in our coilovers, such as KW Variant 3, the non-adjustable high-speed valves open as soon as the wheel is driven fast over bumps or transverse joints.

This keeps the wheels on the road, and the coilover dampens the shock or vibration without the tires losing traction. The best thing about it is that even with a maximum lowering, a BMW 4 Series (G22) equipped with a KW Variant 3 coilover remains true to the typical KW sporty and harmonious driving style.

You can find an authorized KW retail partner in your area on our homepage. Some KW Sales & Service Point and KW Performance partners also offer vehicles with a KW coilover for test driving – just visit one of our dealers.

Images KW, BMW Words C. Schmidt

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