Lowered and stanced SUVs gaining popularity: KW Coilover suspension kits are now available for VW T-Cross

Sport Utility Vehicles a very popular and especially in Europe there are a great number of Compact SUVs and Mini SUVs available. With the broad popularity of the SUV, there has been an increased demand for suspension kits for an adjustable lowering. KW automotive, the suspension manufacturer, has developed different KW coilover suspension kits for the VW T-Cross (Type C1).

Besides the KW Variant 1 there is the in rebound forces adjustable KW Variant 2, and the full in rebound and compression adjustable KW Variant 3 available.

Based on the latest VW Polo the new VW T-Cross (Type C1) is only available with front-wheel-drive and KW automotive already developed for all motorizations of the Mini SUV it’s coilover suspension kits.

All three coilover suspension kits, are made of stainless steel and features an approved lowering from 40 till 70 millimeters at the front axle and 45 till 70 millimeters at the rear axle.

After the installation of a KW coilover suspension kit the T-Cross benefits from agile handling, increased driving safety, direct steering and sporty-dynamic comfort despite maximum lowering in everyday life.

Our KW Variant 1 is a coilover kit for a stepless lowering. In the Variant 1 we are using a complete different damper valving technology than in our Variant 2 and Variant 3 shocks.

The KW Variant 2 already features adjustable rebound stage dampening and the adjustment range is 16 clicks. An adjustable rebound stage dampening gives the driver the possibility to dial a sporty handling characteristic for his T-Cross. Open rebound valves increase the ride comfort, if you close click by click the rebound valves, your car gets sportier in all handling aspects and you couldn’t believe how sporty a VW T-Cross can ride.

Simply one of the best aftermarket suspension kits since years is the KW Variant 3. It’s the perfect symbiosis from increased driving dynamics, daily driving fun, and topnotch adjustment features.

The V3 is one of the few coilover suspension kits with independent adjustment stage dampening in compression and rebound forces. While the low-speed rebound stage can be individually adjusted with 16 clicks, you also can adjust the low-speed compression forces with twelve clicks.

In comparison to conventional suspension dampers, the KW Variant 3 uses besides the two-stage rebound valves known from Variant 2, also a two-stage preconfigured high-speed compression valves.

At high vertical wheel accelerations, the high-speed compression valves open in a flash even at maximum lowering and fast driving over transverse joints or bumps.

So the T-Cross does not get bumpy on motorway bridges with transverse joints and remains safely controllable at the limits of driving dynamics in daily life.

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Photos KW, Mario Pressel Photography

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