Make it yours: Customization at ST

Suspension springs in your color of choice

Since the Essen Motor Show in 2019, we’ve made it possible for our ST adjustable lowering springs and ST coilover suspension kits to look even cooler. You can now MAKE_it_YOURS and order coil springs in a customized color!

Chris Smith, located near Kaiserslautern, was introduced to the customization option for ST coilover kits at the Essen Motor Show last year.

Although at first, he thought it would be only for merchandise coil spring pen holders.

Beginning in 2020, you can order your desired color through our ST authorized dealers or at our online store. Choose from any of the 18 colors and add text to further personalize your ST main springs of your ST Coilover or ST height adjustable spring kit.

At KW automotive we do not have any yellow, blue, green, white, red, black, or pink springs in stock, however all of our ST suspensions coil springs are coated with a grey anti-corrosion primer.

When a MAKE_it_YOURS custom coilover suspension kit is ordered, the main springs will be coated in your desired color. With this double coating, the springs “drive” into an oven, and there the color is stoved for up to 35 minutes. Afterward the springs “rest” in the oven at 190 degrees Celsius for about ten minutes to be further processed.

You can also order the springs with a custom marking. Just enter your personalized text on the MAKE_it_YOURS page of the ST suspensions website. You can customize the message with up to 25 letters, excluding special symbols.

After selecting Water Blue (RAL 5021) as his spring color to best compliment his exterior car color, Chris added “The Savory Project” as his personalized message.

As you can see in the photos, Chris ordered the ST XTA Coilover suspension kit for his VW Golf 3.

By the time this blog story is published, he will have already installed a Volkswagen five-cylinder-engine.

You don’t know about our ST XTA Coilover suspension yet? We’ll give you a run down on the most important facts as to why the ST XTA is always a great choice for the passionate car enthusiast.

The ST XTA Coilover suspension has linear racing springs, an aluminum unibal top mount, and adjustable dampers. The shocks allow you to adjust the sporty setup even stiffer with a few simple steps. You can choose between 16 clicks of adjustment.

Simply put, the ST XTA features the KW Variant 2 damper technology with a different setup or damper design. Depending on the vehicle and the chassis, the ST XTA’s strut bearings also have a camber adjustment. But not on the VW Golf 3.

On Chris’s YouTube Channel you can follow the complete conversion of his VW Golf 3 and, in the upcoming months, even more will happen with the Volkswagen …

Photos private, KW

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