Maximum performance without any compromise for your road car: Launch of the ST XTA plus 3 Coilover

With the launch of the ST XTA plus 3 coilover suspension kit, we are expanding our wide range of aftermarket coilovers.

The ST XTA plus 3 features height-adjustment, aluminum unibal top mounts, race springs, and 3-way adjustable shock absorbers.

With the already available ST XA and ST XTA coilovers the damper forces can be adjusted for more direct handling, reduced pitching, and body roll via a two-stage low-speed rebound valve with 16 exact clicks; the dampers used in the ST XTA plus 3 coilovers offer even more setting options.

The brand new ST XTA plus 3 coilover suspension is our the top of the line aftermarket ST coilover for public roads. Thanks to the enclosed parts certificate, it gives all those who are looking for maximum performance with street tires for their streetcars on public roads and who do not want to compromise the opportunity to ride a suspension with 3-way adjustable damper settings.

ST XTA plus 3 Coilover features 3-way adjustable shocks for road use

In comparison to many aftermarket coilover kits offered in this price range, the ST XTA plus 3 has two-stage compression valves. With 24 clicks, a low-speed needle valve can be adjusted for fine-tuning of the car’s pitch behavior during cornering and braking.

On the other hand, the high-speed compression stage with 24 clicks of adjustment influences high-speed impacts by riding above short bumps or transverse joints.

Closing the compression stage valves reduces body roll, improves handling, and increases stability. If the valves are opened, the rolling comfort improves. Due to the KW valve technology used in the 3-way adjustable dampers, the use of an expansion tank is unnecessary. Even with a maximum payload and maximum lowering, the ST XTA plus 3 coilover suspension kit enables a sporty ride without sacrificing ride comfort.

Available for a wide range of popular compact cars and mid-size cars

During 2021 the ST XTA plus 3 will be released for numerous vehicles. Currently, the ST XTA plus 3 coilovers are available for BMW M3 (E92), Ford Mustang (LAE, model year 2018), Honda Civic Type R (FC), Nissan 240 SX (S14), Seat Leon (5F), and VW Golf GTI (AU, GTI and R aswell 4WD models) including parts certificates.

As an option, the new ST XTA plus 3 coilovers can be ordered in various coil spring colors. A selection of 18 RAL colors are available. The desired color can be ordered conveniently in the ST Online Shop or directly from your dealer. It is also possible to add personalized text to the coil spring. In addition, several spring packages, which differ in spring rate and spring length, will soon be available for the ST XTA plus 3 coilovers.

The ST XTA plus 3 coilover suspension is now available at our partners and in the ST online store. A little note to the track day fans among you. We have developed the entire valve design of our ST XTA, ST XA, and ST X coilovers as well as the new ST XTA plus 3 for everyday use.

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