KW V3 Leveling coilover kit for the Mercedes-Benz Vito and V-class in detail

In our product range, we offer a KW V3 Leveling coilover kit with included parts certificate for the Vito Tourer and the Mercedes-Benz V-class

In our scope of delivery, we offer the KW V3 Leveling coilover kit for the Mercedes-Benz V-class (Vito and Vito Tourer included) with and without 4-Matic (AWD). In this post, we dig deeper into the differences between a “normal” KW V3 coilover kit and the KW V3 Leveling.

Similar to the KW V3 coilover kit, the KW V3 Leveling coilover kit enables a separate adjustment of compression and rebound

Here, at KW automotive, it is common sense that a coilover kit always comes with compromises. This is why we aim to develop the perfect coilover kit for every demand. This high demand on ourselves enabled us to become the worldwide market leader in our segment in the past years.

We are popular for numerous developments for different motorsport series and for our coilover kits that enable maximum lowering within the framework of the parts certificate. Additionally, the majority of our coilover kits and dampers offer freedom: Our customers are able to adjust the damper characteristic to their needs and desires.

A KW V3 coilover kit for the Alfa Romeo Giulia 952 Veloce with all-wheel-drive

It is therefore no wonder, that the KW V3 coilover kit (former name: KW Variant 3) became our best-sold coilover kit since its market entry.

Even in its basic setup, the KW V3 coilover kit brings more joy and sporty driving (Photo: Titan Motorsport)

The KW V3: Always a good choice – but why?

If someone is clueless about which KW coilover kit he should retrofit his car with, he often takes KW V3 coilovers. Multi-valve technology, separately adjustable lowspeed compression and rebound combined with non-adjustable highspeed valves for compression and rebound is what made the V3 so popular.

V3 compression adjustment

Many customers still believe that the KW V3 with its separately adjustable dampers is rocket science for the street. Let me tell you – it’s not. The adjustment of the KW V3 coilover kit is as simple as mounting a new wheel set.

Rebound adjustment

The KW V3 always has pre-set damper characteristics that perfectly fit your car. This KW V3 setup is as stiff as needed and as comfortable as possible. Times are changing, and many drivers don’t favor the sportiness of their series suspension.

For a comfortable rebound adjustment, we offer several setting shafts (extensions)

Unfortunatley, not everything that rolls out of the factory with a suspension system and a stiff spring rate alone, coupled with a conventional damper, can be deemed a true sports suspension. However, for those seeking to enhance their ride, swapping out for a coilover suspension that drops the car to the max may not be the go-to solution for our customers. A solution must be found.

Many are concerned that they can’t drive over bad streets, speed bumps, field paths, or steep driveways and parking garage ramps with a lowered car. Especially outside Middle Europe, speed bumps are widespread on regular streets.

Tesla Model Y with KW V3 coilovers and BBS CI-R light-alloy wheels with Goodyear Eagle F1 tires in 255/35R21

The KW V3 Leveling is the best compromise for those that love the driving characteristic that comes with a KW V3 but don’t desire maximum lowering. Our Leveling coilover kit enables a sporty-harmonious driving behavior while still having plenty of ride comfort and minimum lowering (or even serial ground clearance!).

This Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer (W447, V class) is equipped with a KW V3 Leveling coilover kit and 19 inches light-alloy wheels by BBS

For the Mercedes-Benz V-class (W447) – facelift model included – we also offer the KW V3 Leveling coilover kit. After driving the car with our product and BBS wheels in 19 inches, our retail partners were impressed. Not only the driver was convinced by the product, but the passengers in the back seats were also in awe – the travel comfort is unbeatable in a V-class with KW V3 Leveling inside.

The difference is in the detail

Scope of delivery for a KW V3 Leveling coilover kit for the Mercedes-Benz V-class (W447)

Spring struts and damper housings of our KW V3 Leveling coilver kits are made of stainless steel. Lowspeed rebound is adjustable within 9 clicks, whereas compression has 16 clicks.

The lowspeed compression valves (TVC-A technology) of the KW V3 Leveling are built differently. The same goes for the lowspeed rebound with TVR-A technology.

MacPherson front axle strut of the KW V3 Leveling coilover kit for the Mercedes-Benz V-class and Vito Tourer

In comparison to the “normal” KW V3, the KW V3 Leveling coilovers have longer spring struts and damper housing. We also use other spring rates in this product.

We use the black riser ring in our KW V3 Leveling coilover kit and in selected special OE coilovers

When you have a closer look, you can see that we combined the purple spring perch made of polyamide composite material and stainless-steel insert with a black perch (also made of composite material) as well. Moreover, the KW V3 Leveling coilover springs aren’t whetted.

This is how the Mercedes-Benz V class with KW V3 Leveling inside drives

When changing lanes, the Vito Tourer with KW V3 Leveling coilover kit acts more directly

The KW V3 Leveling offers an ideal balance between driving dynamics and driving comfort. The popular unstable driving characteristic of the Mercedes-Benz V-class and Vito Tourer disappears with a KW V3 Leveling inside. With the series suspension and dampers, this was often the case when changing lanes at high speeds.

In the pre-adjusted basic setup of the KW V3 Leveling coilover kit, the Mercedes-Benz van has direct feedback and the entire car body is supported efficiently in curves. Even on long journeys or driving over long street bumps, travel comfort is increased without the body swaying much.

Lifting is also possible: At the front axle the KW V3 Leveling enables up to five millimeters, at the rear axle lifting of up to 10 millimeters is possible

Our KW V3 Leveling coilover kit for the V-class with rear axle drive (Vito Tourer) enables lifting of up to 5 millimeters and lowering of up to 15 millimeters at the front axle. At the rear axle, ten millimeters of lifting is possible as well.

This Vito Tourer has BBS XR light-alloy wheels (8.5 x 19 inches / offset 44) with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 Pneus in 245/45R19 mounted

We also offer the KW V3 Leveling coilovers for the Mercedes-Benz V-class with all-wheel drive. Due to its design, all 4-matic models can’t be lifted with the help of a KW V3 Leveling. The front and rear axle enables a lowering of 10 to 30 millimeters.

For all V-class models, (Vito and Vito Tourer) with Mercedes 4matic (AWD) and rear-axle drive we offer the KW V3 Leveling with included parts certificate

You can buy the KW V3 Leveling directly at KW or at one of our many retail partners. Those that buy the KW V3 Leveling at our installation partners always have an experienced contact person regarding individual coilover setup.

English Subtitles included

Those of you that like to know more about the KW V3 Leveling coilover kit can now watch our small YouTube series “What Happens When” where we sent KW testimonial Sidney Hoffmann on exceptional test parcours.

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