Modern ride quality and driving dynamics for all classical BMW 6-series (E24)

Until a few years ago, the classic BMW 6-series Coupé’s (E24) were only a collector’s car item for a small circle of BMW car enthusiasts. The BMW E24 with its M30 and M88 straight six-cylinder engines and timeless body design has become a popular modern vintage car in the last three or five years ago.

Depending on engine type and technical condition of the chassis and patina, the BMW E24s manufactured from 1975 to 1989 (1975 – 1982; 1st Facelift 1982 – 1987; 2nd Facelift 1987 – 1989) with their pointed front apron and twin headlamps are traded for top prices of over 60,000 Euros.

Many E24 drivers aren’t happy with the driving dynamics of their often called Sharknose BMW. Even the last model years of the E24 were no longer considered contemporary by the car media in terms of driving dynamics.

Since our KW dealer Raab Classics had so many requests for a modern chassis for the E24, we developed a classic chassis for all E24 models.

Together with Raab Classics, a German specialist in vintage BMW and certificated KW suspensions dealer, KW has developed a coilover kit for the sporty and legendary BMW 6-series Coupé’s (E24). The Raab Classic suspension is separately adjustable in compression and rebound forces.

Modern damper technology for sheer state of the art driving pleasure

In conjunction with the modern “Raab Variant 3 coilover suspension made by KW”, all BMW E24s benefit from increased driving dynamics without having to forego modern driving comfort.

Even with larger rims, the wheels remain on the road even on poorly constructed cross-country roads, and when cornering quickly, the old BMW reacts more neutrally and stable. The typical tendency of the old 6-series to oversteer starts much later and is easier to control thanks to the modern KW coilover suspension.

When ordering the “Raab coilover Variant 3 suspension kit made by KW”, the original steel galvanized BMW E24 suspension struts must be sent to KW automotive, the suspension manufacturer, for processing.

At KW, the technicians process the BMW suspension struts with threaded tubes and dampers. The machined front axle components are then tempered several times.

The shock tubes on the drive axle are made of stainless steel.

Our classic applications for the BMW E30 and also the Porsche 911 F and G models, we received a great reception from the industry and above all from the countless classic car owners who have already switched to our modern suspension.

The adjustable dampers make it possible to adjust the already preset and recommended suspension setup for the BMW 6-series for everyday use. With 16 clicks, the low-speed valve can be reduced or enlarged to precisely adjust the damping with every click. If the rebound valve is opened, driving comfort increases. If it is closed, the pitch and roll movements of the body structure are significantly reduced, and handling becomes even more dynamic.

In addition, the adjustable low-speed compression stage can be closed or opened with twelve clicks to further influence the steering behavior and grip level of the tires. The factory preconfigured high-speed valves enable harmonious suspension travel even with a stiff adjusted damper setup. These high-speed valves open in a flash.

The Coupé does not get bumpy on motorway bridges with transverse joints and remains safely controllable at the limits of driving dynamics in daily life.

The approved range of the stepless lowering is 45 – 60 millimeters at the front axle and 40 – 60 millimeters at the rear axle.

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