New KW naming convention – quicker and more efficient to the ideal KW suspension product

We have already classified our various height-adjustable suspension products according to their purpose some time ago to make your customer journey to the right suspension easier and more straightforward.

For example, you will find in the STREET COMFORT product group all products of the KW suspensions brand that offer an increased level of driving and user comfort, such as our KW HLS hydraulic lift system.

KW V3 alias KW Variant 3 coilover kit from our STREET PERFORMANCE CATEGORY

The STREET PERFORMANCE product category includes all of our adaptive and manually adjustable coilovers for vehicles that are primarily driven in day-to-day driving on the road.

If you regularly visit or participate on track days with your production-based sports car, or if you need the perfect suspension for motorsport use, you will find the best possible hardware in the TRACK PERFORMANCE product group.

Part of our TRACK PERFORMANCE group are our KW Clubsport coilover suspension kits, Formula SAE dampers and all our homologated GT3 racing suspension shocks.

We have introduced the following glossary in order to point out the KW technology and KW highlights of each coilover at one sight.

The KW Variant 3 coilover suspension kit becomes the KW V3 – here in the picture is the scope of delivery for the Tesla Model 3 AWD

Our popular and best-selling suspension, the KW coilover suspension Variant 3, appreciated by car enthusiasts worldwide, has been renamed KW V3.

The term “V3” means that the coilover suspension has the option of continuously adjustable lowering and the option of separate compression and rebound adjustment.

The KW Competition 5A racing suspension will be called KW V6 Racing. According to the new terminology, this designation describes that the suspension is adjustable in height, the dampers feature adjustable rebound and compression damping in the low-speed and high-speed forces, and the blow-off valve is also adjustable.

The KW Street Comfort will be renamed as the KW V2 Comfort.

This coilover suspension can be adjusted in height and also in rebound compression. At the same time our KW V2 comfort combines driving dynamics with a comfort-oriented setup.

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