New partnership with Drift Masters European Championship

From this year on, ST suspensions is the official partner of the championship to focus more and more on the European drift sports. Besides the kickoff event in Austria, the ST sponsored championship also has events in France, Poland, Latvia, Germany and Ireland.

In professional drifting, not only the engine power but also the suspension is very important in order to bring the traction perfectly onto the tarmac. In total there will be six events within the Drift Masters European Championship where 42 of the best European drifters will participate in.

While drifting has become a global phenomenon outside Europe by now, the professional drift sport is still at its beginnings in Europe. To actively support the European drifters, ST suspensions is official partner of the Drift Masters European Championship. With its special drift suspension kits based on KW competition suspensions, ST is very active in international drifting and now, with the partnership with DMEC, also supports the European drift scene.

After the kickoff event in Austria, ST will join further events in France, Poland, Latvia, Germany and Ireland. Also, our ST suspensions brand ambassador Steve „Baggsy“ Biagioni will participate in the championship again in 2019. But not only in Europe, many drifters rely on suspension components from ST, also in Asia and North America, the ST kits are actively used.

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