Now available for new BMW 3-series (G21) Wagon with xDrive: KW Variant 1, Variant 2 and Variant 3 Coilover suspension kits

Since the market launch of the BMW E30 Touring in the eighties, the sporty estate (wagon) models based on the BMW 3-series have been extremely popular. KW automotive, the German suspension manufacturer, already offers various coilover suspension kits for the current generation of the BMW 3-series station wagon (G21) with xDrive.

In addition to the KW Coilover suspension kit Variant 1, the KW Coilover suspension kit Variant 2 and Variant 3 are also available. All three KW Coilover suspension kits have stainless-steel struts and allow maximum lowering from 40 – 60 millimeters on the BMW 3-series Touring (G21).

While with the KW Coilover suspension kit Variant 1 factory-set, pre-configured damping setup cannot be further adjusted, this features the KW Coilover suspension kits Variant 2 and Variant 3.

These two suspensions differ from KW Variant 1 by using KW dampers with adjustable multi-valve technology for convenient harmonic damping.

All KW Coilover suspension kits with their factory-set, pre-configured damping setup already provide an increase in steering precision, stability and road holding.

For BMW drivers who want to increase driving dynamics even further and influence the ride comfort, should opt for KW Variant 2 and Variant 3.

KW Variant 2, for example, allows the rebound stage damping to be adjusted by 16 clicks to influence the handling and ride comfort. KW Variant 3 also has this function.

To adjust the rebound damping, the adjustment wheel on the damper on the front axle is simply placed on top of the piston rod for adjustment. At the V3 rear damper nowadays the adjustment wheel is already integrated in the piston rod.

The KW V3 can also be tuned in the low-speed compression stage with twelve clicks using the integrated compression wheel on the lower shock absorber housing. This allows BMW drivers to influence potential pitching and roll movements of the body.

In simple terms, the task of the rebound stage is to connect the body to the road, while the compression stage influences the compression and supports the chassis.

In the low-speed range, we mean the piston rod speeds as they occur, for example, during slow steering movements. High-speed excitations, on the other hand, are bumps and cross joints.

The high-speed valves are pre-configured directly at the damper construction. They cannot be adjusted via the adjustment wheels and support harmonic damping when driving over bumps or uneven road surfaces.

Just as the models of the BMW 3-series have been the reference in their segment for decades in terms of driving dynamics, the KW Coilover suspensions are the reference for suspensions in the aftermarket.

You also can order your set of KW suspension also direct at our dealers in your region. Please get in touch with your official KW importer in your country.

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