Fully adjustable KW coilover suspension kit for Volvo Polestar 2

The Volvo Polestar 2 has a long-range-dual-motor and 4-wheel-drive
Lowered Polestar 2 with a KW coilover suspension kit

Since April 2022 the Volvo Polestar 2 with long-range-dual-motor and all-wheel drive can be equipped with the KW V3 coilovers including a German parts certificate. Compression and rebound can be adjusted independently. This leads to improved and sporty driving dynamics.

The KW V3 coilover kit comes with a corresponding parts report

Our KW V3 coilovers are characterized by multivalve technology. There are separate valves to allow the setting of individual compression damping changes in the low-speed range of the compression and rebound forces.

When manufacturing the coilovers for the Polestar 2, the high-speed valves are pre-adjusted according to the wheel load of the car. In hindsight, settings such as low-speed valves can be adjusted individually by the driver’s preference.

The V3 coilover enables adjustments of low-speed forces in the compression and rebound separately. To ensure better handling and ride comfort the rebound valve can be adjusted within 16 clicks.

Number one choice for automobile enthusiasts: The KW V3 coilover suspension

When talking about the high-speed compression setting of a coilover we address the speed of the piston rod while deflecting and rebounding.

If the Polestar 2 drives over speed bumps or transverse grooves the piston rod is stimulated. If that happens, the valve opens up and oil floats through the main valve to dampen the car optimally and improve the driving comfort.

Even with maximum lowering and a weight of more than 2.000 kilograms the Polestar 2 has a sporty and comfortable driving characteristic

Typical low-speed-stimulations are steering movements and accelerating or braking. Good news are: You don’t need to be an expert to set your KW coilovers to your individual preferences.

Every KW coilover suspension kit is already optimally pre-adjusted for the respective car. If the pre-adjustment is too sporty or too comfortable it is possible to change the driving characteristic within just a few clicks.

How a coilover suspension works can’t be described in one sentence. But let’s try to simplify it: In the end, a car is standing on the springs of the coilover kit but drives on the dampers. The coilover dampers control the dynamic phases while the coilover suspension springs and the stabilizers control the static phases.

The Volvo Polestar drives sporty or comfortable depending on the setting of the coilover suspension kit
The Volvo Polestar 2 weighs more than two tons

Due to the top-notch KW multi-valve technology, the KW V3 coilover suspension kit is damping way more precise and sensitive. This leads to a smooth driving characteristic of the heavy electric car. Regarding the parts certificate, the Polestar 2 can be lowered between 25 and 45 millimeters.

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