Experience beautiful driving redefined: The KW V3 Classic coilover suspension is now available for your Porsche 928

At KW Automotive in Fichtenberg, we leverage our extensive experience in suspension development to offer more than just a certified coilover suspension. Performance-oriented car enthusiasts like you have confirmed this commitment to excellence for years.

KW Suspensions leverages its expertise to simplify your suspension selection. We categorize our coilovers and suspension options into three lines: Street Comfort, Street Performance, and Track Performance. This clear system applied to cutting-edge developments and our classic KW applications, help you choose the ideal suspension for your car, regardless of age.

KW stands out as one of the few coilover suspension manufacturers offering KW Classic applications for all air-cooled Porsche models. This includes KW V2 Classic dampers with adjustable rebound for the Porsche 356, KW V3 Classic dampers with adjustable compression and rebound for all Porsche 911 F and G models, and KW V3 Classic coilovers specifically designed for the 964 and 993 generations – all available with certification.

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We also plan to develop various KW Classic coilovers for the earliest Porsche models with transaxle transmissions and water-cooled engines. For the Porsche 944, we already offer a KW V3 Classic Clubsport coilover suspension and a KW V3 Classic coilover suspension with expert approval in our product range.

We proudly present a KW Classic suspension for the next “transaxle Porsche,” the renowned Gran Turismo Porsche 928. Our suspension is available for all Porsche 928, 928 S, 928 GT, and 928 GTS models manufactured from 1977 to 1995, and it includes expert certification in our delivery program.

Ahead of the Retro Classics Vintage Car Show in Stuttgart, Germany, in spring 2024, we have introduced the optional “KW Classic Line” for our KW Classic suspensions. Essentially, this is the same suspension kit.

Optionally, the springs of the KW V3 Classic suspension for the 993 can also be ordered in black, including black spring plates – internally, we then speak of the “KW Classic Line” in this case.

The KW Classic Line only differs from the standard KW Classic suspensions in appearance. Instead of the familiar design featuring purple anodized components and yellow suspension springs, the strut bearings, spring plates, intermediate ring, and polyamide threaded ring are all black. Why? Because some classic car and young timer enthusiasts find black springs more contemporary.

Additionally, our KW V3 Classic coilovers look fantastic in the Porsche 928’s wheel arches in the classic yellow-purple combination with the shiny KW inox-line stainless steel struts. By the way, we always deliver the Porsche 928’s KW V3 Classic coilover suspension with uniball-bearing aluminum dome bearings.

The lowering is adjusted directly on the coilover springs. You can select your desired lowering setting during installation or adjust the height after installing the suspension. To do this, always ensure the weight is off the wheels, loosen the small locking grub screw on the threaded plate, and clean the trapezoidal thread with a textile brush. Then, turn the threads down a few turns to clean the upper threads and adjust the height as needed.

Within the scope of the parts certificate, you can select a lowering between 20 and 40 millimeters for the front axle and between 20 and 35 millimeters for the rear axle on all Porsche 928 models. Since the Porsche 928 was originally equipped with coilover struts on the rear axle, your upgrade to a KW V3 Classic kit should be approved even by Porsche purists.

Equipping a Porsche 928 with the KW V3 Classic coilover suspension featuring multi-valve technology further enhances its character as a sporty Gran Turismo. Even on bad roads, the preloaded high-speed compression and rebound valves ensure comfortable ride comfort, even with the adjustable low-speed valves for a taut setup.

The KW V3 classic coilover suspension with its struts in the Porsche 928 allows for fine-tuning of driving behavior thanks to the separate adjustability of low-speed compression and rebound. The low-speed rebound bypass valve for more direct handling offers 16 clicks of adjustment.

The rebound damping, among other factors, affects how the suspension rebounds when compressed, directly influencing the Porsche 928’s connection to the road. Additionally, the cross-section of the low-speed compression valve can be adjusted in twelve-click stages to tune compression damping individually. The compression setting impacts the speed at which the damper piston rod compresses, affecting steering response, pitch, and body roll.

Porsche’s 928, with its water-cooled V8 up front and transaxle in the rear, is a unique chapter in their story. But when it comes to handling, KW unleashes its full potential. Our classic chassis unlocks an even more balanced and neutral driving experience, all while retaining that exhilarating KW dynamic.

Experience the 928’s transformed handling: sharper steering, exceptional bump absorption, and a playful yet poised character. Now, navigating highways and carving country roads becomes an even more timeless Gran Turismo experience.

Our long-standing collaboration with Manthey Racing on countless sports car and motorsport projects is no coincidence. It all began with developing a road suspension for a high-performance Manthey Motors Porsche 911 Turbo (996).

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Simply configure your Porsche 928 on the KW homepage, and then choose whether you want to order the KW V3 Classic coilover suspension in the classic “yellow-purple” or as the “KW Classic Line.”

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