Premiere of new KW Classic suspension kits @ Retro Classics 2020

At the Retro Classics in Stuttgart (Germany) we will showcase on our latest product developments for vintage cars and modern classics at booth (Hall 3 / No. 3E14). Our product highlight from February 27th – March 1st is our Variant 1 and Variant 3 KW Classic coilover suspension kit for all BMW M3 E30 with forged steering knuckles (spindles).

The KW Classic coilover suspension kit with its forged spindles is a ready to install suspension kit in all BMW M3 (E30).

Our classic applications on the other hand, are an interesting alternative and differ from the series in their modern damping technology.
Installation of a KW Classic Kit in a “normal” BMW E30

This no longer requires the time-consuming processing of the original BMW M3 E30 parts, and every BMW M3 (E30) enthusiast can save a lot of money with the new KW Classic coilover suspension kits.

Due to the KW Classic coilover suspension kits available for the BMW M3 (E30), the driving dynamics are greatly increased, and the BMW vintage sports car is much easier to control with modern tires and larger rims even at the limits of driving dynamics. With our modern damper technology, the unique character of the legendary M3 remains and the driving pleasure doesn’t come up short.

While the Variant 1 has a pre-configured sporty comfortable setup, with the Variant 3 the compression and rebound forces can be set separately so that the recommended damper setup can be adjusted individually to the personal driving demand.

With our multi-valve technology in the dampers with preconfigured high-speed valves and adjustable low-speed valves for the compression and rebound forces. It enables us to achieve driving behavior as tight as necessary and as comfortable as possible.

In the KW Variant 1 we don’t use adjustable damper valves. Our KW Classic coilover suspension kits for the BMW M3 (E30) allows a stepless lowering of 55 millimeters.

This matches a lowering of 80 millimeters at a normal BMW E30 sedan. On our booth at the Retro Classics we showcase the new KW Classic coilover suspension kit in a BMW M3 Sport Evolution.

As part of the extension of our KW classic delivery program, we have developed the new KW classic Variant 3 coilover kit for the Mercedes-Benz 190 (W201). The KW dampers made of stainless steel, of course, can be adjusted separately in compression and rebound stage, either for more comfortability or sportier ride on request.

Compared to other suspension solutions, like for Motorsport use, the new KW suspension doesn’t have be converted to MacPherson struts at the front axle. As part of the technical component report, the coilover kit allows a continuous lowering of up to 65 millimeters via a height-adjustment directly at the KW springs.

Today we can already offer KW Classic dampers and KW Classic coilover suspension kits for all air-cooled Porsche models. Besides the air-cooled sports cars from Zuffenhausen like Porsche 356, Porsche 911 (F-model, G-model, 964, 993) we also offer KW Classic coilover suspension kits for Porsche 944 and Porsche 968.

Our KW Classic suspension kits for all Porsche 911 F Body and G Body also features forged steering knuckles. Besides for the fully adjustable KW Variant 3 shocks (F and G Body) there are also KW Clubsport coilover kits (G Body) with adjustable aluminum unibal top mounts and 2-way adjustable high-performance inverted monotube shock absorbers on the front axle as well as aluminum damper housings on the rear axle available.

Our second show car at the Retro Classics is a Kaege Retro. This car is a so-called Backdate Porsche based on a Porsche 911 (993) with the silhouette of a Porsche 911 F Body.

For more than 50 classic vehicles such as Audi S2 (89Q) Coupé, BMW 3.0 CS (E9), BMW 6 series (E24), Lancia Delta Integrale, VW Golf convertible and many other classic cars we have chassis in our program; which have of course been developed specifically for the respective series vehicles including axle loads, engine performance and co.

KW suspensions customer cars at Autosport International 2017

In addition, our custom-build department we also offer the production of kits for many classic cars and vintage cars such as Audi sport quattro, Datsun 240Z, Ferrari 365 GT 2+2, Jaguar E-Type and Toyota AE86. The best way to do this is to contact our colleagues from Sales directly or to visit our exhibition stand in Hall 3 at Retro Classics.

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