Preview: KW and ST @ Geneva Auto Salon 2018

Though to the Geneva Auto Salon motor show in Geneva it is still a felt eternity, but the 8th of March, 2018 stands faster before the door than one believes. Also in 2018 our exhibition stand is in the direct neighborhood to our industrial customers in hall 2 (booth 2042). On our KW and ST suspensions booth we showcase our latest suspension developments.

Highlights of Geneva: KW at Auto Salon 2017

The pictures and YouTube Video from our booth of course are from last year.  Over the past 20 years, KW automotive has become an important partner for the automotive industry and increasingly develops suspension applications for sports cars, super sports cars, and racing cars, which are used by many automobile manufacturers.

2017 we showcased on our booth a Porsche Cayman GT4. 2018 we will have a Mercedes-AMG GT4 race car in Geneva.

The KW equipped (KW Competition 2A EXR suspension) Mercedes-AMG GT4 offers precise steering behavior, superior agility, and excellent traction. The safety concept of the new Mercedes-AMG GT4 sets a benchmark in its class. Its extremely torsion-resistant aluminum space frame with a roll cage made of high-strength steel, the FIA-certified safety seat cell made of carbon, and a rescue gap in the roof ensure pole position in terms of safety in the GT4 class.

Introducing the new four-way-dampers and TCR-/GT4 suspensions for motorsport

Highlights of Geneva: KW at Auto Salon 2017

The KW Competition racing dampers and suspensions are available in numerous variants and are used in the official customer motorsport by various car manufacturers such as BMW, KIA, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche, and others. In Geneva, KW displays its dampers for the GT4 and TCR regulations and the KW Competition TTRSPW4A twin-tube dampers.

With its precise 4-way damper adjustment with 18 clicks each for low speed and high speed compression damping as well as rebound damping, the damper is suitable for any kind of non-wheel-guiding axle constructions such as double wishbone or pushrod suspensions for GT3-, LMP- and formula vehicles because of its construction-independent application possibilities.

Highlights of Geneva: KW at Auto Salon 2017

Not only various racecars are already equipped from factory with our suspension technology. Also in top-of-the-line models of the car industry often a KW coilovers is already installed.

 Highlights of Geneva: KW at Auto Salon 2017

Our suspensions developments are the first choice of refiners, tuners and small series manufacturers. Thanks to our engineering, it is no great wonder that many customers who are looking for a coilover suspension opt for KW or ST. And in Geneva this year, we are showcase numerous new developments for a wide range of vehicles.

ST suspensions also present in Geneva

Highlights of Geneva: KW at Auto Salon 2017

ST suspensions, a brand of the KW automotive group, also offers numerous suspension components for many popular used cars in addition to its developments for current vehicles. For example, ST suspensions has developed coilover suspensions for the Subaru Impreza (type GC/GF, GFC, GD/GG, GGS) that has been offered since 1992.

Besides that, ST also offers suspensions for the Hyundai Tucson and as one of the first manufacturers in Europe, sport springs for the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Since its internationalization by the KW automotive group, the suspension brand, which was founded in the USA in the seventies, has achieved a very high market penetration.

KW Variant 4 – the quadrature of driving dynamics has succeeded

With its three-way high-performance dampers, the KW Variant 4 coilover suspension is the ideal performance upgrade for the Audi RS6 Avant and Audi RS6 Avant Performance. The new suspension combines the advantages of the damper technology developed for motorsport with a significant increase in cornering stability, roll tendency, and ride comfort.

Besides a continuous lowering, the coilover kit with its separate 3-way damper force adjustment gives an even more precise steering behavior. The pre-configured performance adjustment of the Variant 4 can be adjusted intuitively to a more comfort-oriented setup for the road. The adjustment is independently possible in rebound damping as well as low speed and high speed compression damping. The Variant 4 suspension kit will be available soon for further models in the sports cars and the super sports cars segment.

Adaptive KW DDC coilovers for BMW M3, Ford Focus RS, Seat Ateca and VW T6

KW presents the next generation of its adaptive DDC plug&play coilover kits.

Adaptive damping systems and coilovers are playing an increasingly important role in the aftermarket and tuning industry. Since 2011, the suspension manufacturer has offered electronically controlled coilovers that are compatible with different control systems of the automotive industry.

Highlights of Geneva: KW at Auto Salon 2017

. The big advantage: just like in series, the adaptive KW DDC plug&play coilovers readout the series sensors and adapt to the respective driving situation within hundredths of a second.


The driver can also still switch between the modes “Comfort”, “Sport” and “Sport Plus” via the serial button from the cockpit.

Behind the scenes: KW DDC ECU Audi RS3 7-post Rig

We sneaked behind the curtain and checked out our R&D team.

Gepostet von KW suspensions am Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018

If there are no electronic dampers from factory available for some vehicles, KW offers the possibility to retrofit an adaptive coilover kit including the optional control via smartphone app with its DDC ECU coilovers.

Lowering for Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) and All-Terrain Vehicles

Highlights of Geneva: KW at Auto Salon 2017

SUVs are very popular , there is an ongoing boom and more and more people are deciding buy a new off-road vehicle or SUV. Accordingly, in the aftermarket there is also an increased demand for accessories for SUV and Co.

KW automotive takes account of this development and offers suspension components for numerous SUVs and off-road vehicles. In addition to dampers and height-adjustable spring sets, we also offer more and more coilover kits for off-road vehicles and SUVs. For example, KW presents its adaptive DDC plug&play coilovers for the Seat Ateca in Geneva as well as coilover springs for the Audi SQ5 and other SUVs.

KW Classic suspensions: Modern suspension technology for classic cars and young classics

KW offers the right suspension for every demand for a number of classic cars and old classics. In addition to suspensions for historic motorsport the KW delivery range also includes Clubsport applications for regular trackdays with semi-slick tires and suspensions for the road depending on the classic car.

Our classic applications on the other hand, are an interesting alternative and differ from the series in their modern damping technology.

The different suspensions are made of aluminum, stainless steel, or steel, depending on the vehicle-specific application. Depending on the application, the high-performance dampers used feature different valve technologies for an independent adjustment of the compression and rebound damping or via the forged steering knuckles at BMW and Porsche models (BMW E30, Porsche 911 G-model).

This makes the installation easier and saves on cost. Besides that, the suspensions offer the possibility of an individual lowering and come with a technical component report.

Highlights of Geneva: KW at Auto Salon 2017

Well-known for our expertise in technical superior suspension solutions, KW is a leading R&D partner and supplier of coilover and damper systems for automotive companies and tuners. So you’ll find a lot of cars equipped with our innovative suspension technology at the International Geneva Motor Show.

Photos KW, Fritzfoto, Mercedes-AMG

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