Preview: KW at Techno Classica 2022

We at KW automotive are adapting our modern suspension technologies for more and more vintage cars and young classics. From March 23 to 27, 2022, we will present our expanded range of dampers and coilovers for classic cars at the Techno Classica in Hall 3 (Booth No. 328) (Essen, Germany).

But more and more drivers of classic cars are contacting our retail partners and us directly to ask about KW Classic coilover suspension kits.

In the case of the KW V3 damper set for Porsche 911 (F and G body), we supply a complete suspension kit (dampers and struts) including forged spindles.

But more and more drivers of classic cars are contacting our retail partners and us directly to ask about KW Classic coilover suspension kits.

BMW M3 (E30) with KW V3 Classic suspension kit.

The majority of our KW Classic suspension kits feature modern compression and rebound damping technology. This is one of the reasons why a BMW M3 (E30) with a KW Classic suspension kit rides almost as modern and comfortable as a current BMW car with a KW coilover suspension kit with adjustable compression and rebound damping.

Mercedes-Benz 190 with KW Competition racing suspension on the Nürburgring Nordschleife (photo by Simon van der Beck).

Until recently, we did not have coilovers for the Mercedes-Benz 500E (W124) and Mercedes-Benz 190 (W201) in our product range but always produced these suspensions as custom-made kit.

For example, we used our motorsport components with MacPherson struts on the W201 at these days.

Now we have the KW V3 classic suspension available for the Mercedes-Benz 190 (W201) , so you don’t need to adapt your W201 to a MacPherson design.

Raab-Classics coilover suspension kit made by KW for BMW 2002

But also, for many other vehicles such as the Audi Coupé (B2, Type 81/85), BMW 2002, Datsun 240Z, Opel Kadett C KW manufactures coilover suspension kits with parts approval.

What makes us so special is that we have a flexible manufacturing structures at our headquarters in Fichtenberg (Germany). Through our so-called “Built-to-Order” process, we are able to start the production after we receive the orders for all our customers on a daily basis.

Of the approximately 400 suspension kits we produce each day, around 350 coilover suspension kits have a batch size of one. It has long been part of our daily routine that chassis for current vehicles and classic cars pass from workstation to workstation on our production lines.

Custom-made and individual suspension kits also for vintage cars

At our Techno Classica booth (No. 328) in Hall 3, our colleagues will also inform visitors and attendees about the possibilities for custom-made suspension kits.

For the production of the KW Classic Coilovers and damper housings, we use aluminum alloys, steel alloys or stainless steel, depending on the vehicle-specific application, and we use the perfect technology for each vehicle.

In the process, we consider all customer requirements, which can differ significantly in terms of ground clearance, damping dimensions, spring travel, spring stiffness and wheel loads depending on the intended use on the road, for rallies, participation in classic car rallies or racing at historic motorsport events.

KW classic suspension Jaguar E-Type

Extensive documentation in accordance with our QA processes and the specifications of the VdTÜV data sheet enables individual acceptance and registration in the vehicle documents. If you have any questions regarding KW Classic suspension kits, please visit us at the Techno Classica in Essen from March 23 to 27, 2022.

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