Preview: WTCC 2014 Car Pack


The WTCC 2014 series marked a highlight in recent touringcar racing history, and now you get to relive all the drama and the close racing. This pack contains all the TC1 cars entered by Citroën, Chevrolet, Honda and Lada, from the official works teams to the privateer entries. It’s on!​


Developed in close relationship with teams like ROAL Motorsport, we were able to raise the realism to a new level, including accurate Transmission flex and sounds recorded on location.

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The 2014 Citroen WTCC C-Elysee is a front wheel driven marvel of engineering. Its lightning fast, but with that raw potential also comes a car that can be a real handful to race on the limit. If you can handle it, the Elysee is the 2014 touring car to beat.

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Still operating as an official works team, the succesful 2013 Civic was updated with a sleeker aero package giving it a very balanced ride, and the engine was tuned to push out even more power. The 2014 Civic package is a muscular looking bundle that could be a serious contender.

The privately run RML team upgraded and refined the 2014 Cruze to take on the factory efforts of other brands. This Cruze has the pedigree and proven capability to make a mark on the 2014 season. Drive smart and the Cruze will do the job.

The TC1s are much more advanced than the previous generation of cars. The wings have been widened to accommodate 18-inch wheels, while the front bumper has also been modified, now incorporating an aerodynamic splitter.

The underside of the car is flat, and the aerodynamic adjustments are completed with an imposing rear spoiler. Check out the RaceRoom Website for the latest news about the WTCC 2014 Car Pack.

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