Raab-Classics coilover kit made by KW for vintage ’02 BMW Convertibles

Modern KW handling: Raab-Classics coilover suspension made by KW for the BMW convertibles of the late sixties and early seventies.

Raab-Classics coilover kits made by KW are now also available for all timeless ’02 BMWs, such as the BMW 1600-2 Convertible, BMW 1600 Cabriolet (Type 114 C), BMW 2002 Cabriolet, and BMW 2002 (E10) Targa.

KW manufactures the suspension directly in the Swabian town of Fichtenberg near Stuttgart.

The shock absorbers, which we develop and manufacture together with Heinz Raab, are independently adjustable in the compression and rebound forces. This allows you to adjust the damper setting in characteristics like the handling and ride comfort of your between 1968 and 1975 built BMW convertible.

Vintage BMW’s get modern handling for more (driving) safety in the “everyday life”

In Stuttgart, coachbuilder Baur was producing the convertibles for BMW at the time.

Almost as it was back then: Whereas Heinz Raab from Raab-Classics is based in Bavaria our company headquarters in the Swabian town of Fichtenberg. For several decades, Raab-Automobile has been a KW specialist dealer and an expert for vintage BMW vehicles.

By the way, together with Heinz Raab we are currently working on further different suspensions for vintage BMW and young classics from Munich.

Raab-Classics coilover kit made by KW for BMW ’02

The reason why we do this can be explained quickly. Usually, many spare parts for vintage vehicles still correspond to the state of the art of the market launch’s time. Those who buy an original spare part or a suspension with original spare part quality for their young classic cars or vintage sportscars today still receive the technology from back then for today’s price politics. This is not the case with the Raab-Classics coilover made by KW.

For the manufacturing of these classic suspensions, we use our modern KW shock absorbers with top-notch intelligent valve technology with preconfigured and preloaded high-speed valves in the compression and rebound forces. Besides, the dampers have adjustable valves in the low-speed range.

When we refer to the terms low-speed and high-speed range, we do not talk about the driving speed. What we mean here is the piston rod speed in the shock.

Raab Classics coilover suspension rear shock for BMW ’02 convertible is made of stainless steel.

Steering is an example of a typical low-speed excitation. Hence, the handling of the classic BMW convertible can be set more directly with the adjustable low-speed valves and separately in the compression with twelve clicks and 16 clicks in the rebound.

The car body’s pitching and rolling when turning in, braking, and run-up can adjusted also with the low-speed compression with twelve clicks. Equally, the compression has an influence on the tire grip.

When driving over large transverse joints or bumps, all compression valves open and the piston rod can thus dip. In simple words, when there is a bump, the wheel compresses harmoniously, and even at high speeds on bad roads, the tire does not lose its grip.

Thanks to this modern damper technology, BMW convertibles when equipped with a Raab-Classics coilover made by KW drive with modern tire compounds in a sporty and harmonious manner and with an incredible level of residual comfort.

And this is even the case when using the maximum lowering, which can be adjusted on these vintage BMW’s (type 114 C and E10) from 25 to 45 millimeters at the front axle and from 20 to 40 millimeters at the rear axle.

When ordering a Raab-Classics coilover made by KW, the original front axle struts must be sent in for processing.

You can either hand in the cleaned serial struts to our dealers and they will send them to us, or you can contact us directly. The shock absorbers will then be rebuilt with our modern KW dampers in our production facility.

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