Retro-JDM-Style for BMW & Co!


A few weeks ago we saw the first renderings of the “Pandem Blister” BMW body kit and we got quite curious. Why? Very simple. It was fall 2015, which is 17 years after the end of production and who actually designs a kit for the E36? Actually nobody.


In mid January 2016, the body kit celebrated its world premiere on the Tokyo Auto Salon exhibition booth of our Japanese KW importer “Hashimoto Corporation”.


And the old BMW 3-series stole the show of supercars like Lamborghini Huracan, BMW M4 and even the sports car icon Porsche 911, that were also presented at the booth.


The body kit fits just perfectly on the timeless BMW E36 Coupé! Sure, not everyone is a fan of the so-called body kits with the so-called “bolt-on” – wheel arch extensions.


Although, the style somehow fits the E36. You actually do not pay any attention to the rear which has a little too big spoiler lip and the fiberglass parts that are screwed onto the side of the rear bumper, further more you start to wonder about the massive extensions.


Somehow the E36 with it’s wide arches have a touch of ultra wide modified BMW M3 (E30) from the late 80ies and early 90ies.


Kei Miura (center) talking with Sidney Hoffmann and KW importer Aki Hashimoto (CEO of Hashimoto Corporation) admits that with his “Pandem-Blister”-design he has orientated a little on the aerodynamics of old BMW touring cars and Super GT race cars.


The Japanese designer and tuner Kei Miura of TRA KYOTO has also developed the “Pandem Blister”-kit for the BMW E46. The mega wide appearance actually fits the M3 quite well, although the E46 has also no longer been built since 2007.


Kei Miura? Some of you might know him, well actually everyone knows the Rocket Bunny kits he had designed since the Toyota GT86, Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S entered the SEMA and the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2011 / 2012.


Meanwhile, there are even kits for the current VW Golf GTI available! But let´s get back to the E36, which of course has even more to offer than the sharp aerodynamics.


Awesome rims from BBS, a sharp-made machine and a KW Clubsport coilover kit are just some of the details that show that the BMW makes a good impression, not only in the exhibition booth.


Simply adjust the BMW slightly higher via the trapezoid thread and you can start your trip to the Bihoku Highland track, Tokachi Speedway, Ebisu and Co.


Soon, you can order the kit for your BMW in Germany as well as the matching coilover kit from Sidney Industries. If you are outside of Germany get in touch with TRA KYOTO or Hashimoto Corporation.


Because KW offers the perfect suspension for every demand.


By the way, Sidney is currently rebuilding his “Rocket Bunny GTI” into a track-tool with cage, large brakes and much more…

Images KW, Nate Hassler/Super Street Magazine (1x)

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