SEMA 2017 – what happened in Vegas!

In German-speaking countries and in whole Europe the SEMA Show is the holy grail of tuning shows for many enthusiastic tuning fans.

Basically, the show is not just about tuning, but also about the B2B business of accessories far from the original equipment. At the trade visitors fair, the focus is on body repairs, vehicle preparation, workshop equipment, tires, classic car restoration, motorsport and performance accessories as well as off-road in all kind of variations!

Modifed Audi, BMW, VW and Co. are absolute rare at the fair in Las Vegas. US cars, especially off-road vehicles and SUVs dominate the fair. “Made in Germany” was only shown by a few, like us from the KW automotive group.

For years, we from the KW automotive Group are a fix part in the “Racing & Performance” area of the “Central Hall”. And in 2017 we came up with something big for our brands “KW suspensions”, “ST suspensions” and “Belltech Sporttrucks” as well as “RaceRoom”.

We presented three cars, but even at our stand in the main hall in the area of ​”Racing and Performance” accessories, there was only one car from Germany presented- and of course it was a Porsche (964).

The classic 911 was equipped for track days with a welded roll cage and Clubsport coilovers as well as stylish BBS rims.

At our Belltech brand, a “handling package” for pickup trucks such as Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet celebrated its premiere. It differs from typical “Pickup lowering kits” with different steering knuckles by coilover struts. The Belltech dampers are separately adjustable in rebound and compression stages, just like at a KW Variant 3 coilover kit. The package is topped off with anti sway bars.

At the KW booth, we also focused on the entire ST suspensions product range. And the US trade visitors were amazed how varied and comprehensive the ST product range actually is.

Especially the DZX and AZX wheel spacer systems caught great interest. Although there was no room for a ST suspensions show car at the exhibition stand, numerous ST products such as wheel spacers and swaybars were installed in the exhibition cars.

The exhibited JDM classic car is a Datsun 260Z; the unofficial ancestor of the Nissan Z-models such as the Fairlady Z (350Z and 370Z Nissan), which in Japan and the US is an extremely popular car in the import scene.

This is also one of the reasons why soon various KW coilovers such as the KW Clubsport 2-way and the Variant 3 kit, including KW Hydraulic Lift System will be offered for the “Classic”.

In the US, the interest in classic automobiles from Japan and Germany is also growing. So in Las Vegas we also showed our new KW classic struts for the BMW E30 with already factory-welded steering knuckles.

This has the advantage for all BMW E30 friends that replacement struts are no longer required or that the original and only very difficult to obtain suspension struts no longer need to be processed for the coilover suspension.

Besides Ken Block, also other celebrities were present on our stand. While another star guest, the MMA Champion fight-machine Cain Velasquez was signing autographs, we also had permanent guests at our stand.

“Urban Outlaw” Magnus Walker was actually more at our stand than anywhere else. Also various drifters and racer were guests at KW; finally, RaceRoom let the “proverbial” cat out of the bag!

The first prototypes of our “full-motion” RaceRoom simulators were shown in Las Vegas. In combination with 3D glasses, the virtual racing can now be “simulated” even more impressive.

Tuning is not equal tuning, in the USA the clocks tick differently

While at German “Tuning” shows such as the Tuning World Bodensee or the Essen Motor Show it is mainly about entertaining the customers, it is even more bizarre that the “Battle of the Builders” actually barely someone of the more than 60.000 trade visitors really matters.

Only a little more than 300 vehicles participated at the entire competition, of which only 40 were shortlisted and only the twelve finalists were distributed throughout the halls of the SEMA Show. By the way, among the vehicles there was actually only one that was not based on a US production vehicle: the before mentioned Gunther Werks 400R Porsche.

Of course the Show&Shine won a Ford Model A Tudor from 1929. In the Gallery you can find some more impressions from the SEMA Show or you can watch the numerous SEMA Show VBlogs and Co. on the YouTube channel of Sidney Industries …

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