High-tech suspension with solid-piston dampers for high-tech sports cars: KW V5 coilover suspension for the classic Honda NSX (NA1, NA2)

The first generation of the Honda NSX is far culture (besides that, it has gotten hard to get) – not only in Germany

The Name Honda NSX made a strong impression on people when the middle motor Sportscar made history. It’s an icon for everybody who loves cars.+

For a long time, we have already had the KW V3 and the KW V3 Clubsport in our delivery program for the little Racecar. Unfortunately, we made a small mistake.

We released the KW V5 coilover suspension kit for the Porsche Carrera GT in 2024 but have had a problem since then. Honda-Enthusiasts from Japan and the USA want this kit for their Acura NSX and the Honda NSX too.

In the 4-post-sweep, we also developed the KW V5 coilover suspension for the Honda NSX on our driving dynamics test bench. You can find out more about the test rig on our blog and at in the magazine auto, motor und sport.

The Honda, manufactured from 1990 to 2005, was the first production model with aluminum bodywork. But it’s not just for that reason that the NSX has evolved from a former insider tip to a cult car.

In recent years, there has been a veritable hype among enthusiasts for the first two generations of the Honda NSX (NA1 and NA2). Prices well above €70,000 are not uncommon.

For some special editions, selling prices equivalent to a small condominium are being asked for—and even paid. Crazy.

Our KW dealer JP Performance provided us with the Honda NSX for the development of the KW V5 coilover suspension kit

The entire mid-engine sports car, with its wide track and low body, encapsulates the state of motorsport technology at the time in one car. No other production car offered as much groundbreaking technology in the early nineties as the Honda NSX—and even Ayrton Senna was involved with the NSX.

Motorsport technology from the late eighties meets the technology of today

We offer linear springs and aluminum strut mounts with the KW V5 suspension for the Honda NSX

The KW V5 suspension, now available for all Acura NSX and Honda NSX (NA1 and NA2) models, is essentially based on our KW racing suspensions, as used, for example, in the customer racing programs of Aston Martin, BMW, and Porsche.

But don’t worry—with the KW V5 suspension, the Honda NSX’s comfort and everyday usability are not compromised. The mid-engine sports car drives much more harmoniously. In all situations, whether driving over speed bumps, expansion joints, or small undulations in the road, the suspension absorbs these irregularities cleanly, even with minimal suspension travel.

The reason behind this? It’s the damping technology and the fact that significant advancements have been made since the development of the first NSX, particularly with damper hydraulics. Thanks to our KW Displacement Piston Technology (Solid Piston Technology), there are no overwhelmed pistons as seen in conventional single—and twin-tube dampers.

With our Solid Piston dampers, we can use hydraulic power much more effectively

The piston is shut, and the hydraulic columns above and below move into special valve parts. This strengthens the hydraulic force, allowing the damper to work with much higher compression and rebound forces. We can use our special valves to handle forces between 1500 N and 12000 N in our racing setups.

While our KW V6 racing suspensions for GT3 race cars are adjustable in five ways, the KW V5 can be adjusted in four ways. This means that in high-speed and low-speed settings for compression and rebound, the preset base setup can be adjusted to be more comfortable or sportier with 13 clicks each.

You can feel the technological advantage whenever you drive with the KW V5 in the classic Honda NSX

No matter the damping setup or the road conditions, when driving the classic Honda NSX with the KW V5 suspension, the suspension feels much more dynamic than the stock setup.

With the infinitely adjustable lowering, the front axle of the KW V5 suspension can be lowered by 30 to 50 millimeters and even 35 to 55 millimeters for the quite low Honda NSX (NA1, NA2)

The entire steering becomes even more precise, the handling more direct, and the legendary sports car drives with plenty of safety reserves even at the limit. This is even the case with maximum lowering, which, according to the parts certificate, can be set between 35 and 55 millimeters in the NSX.

For the classic Honda NSX, there’s the KW V3, the KW V3 Clubsport, and now the KW V5 suspension

On our website, you’ll find all the information about the KW suspensions available for the Honda NSX (NA1, NA2), and the delivery time is also displayed in our online shop.

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