Speeding up to 412 kilometers per hour: The Rimac Nevera is the fastest serial electric car with KW coilover kit engineering ex-works

The fastest car with electric drive: The Rimac Nevera (former: Rimac C_two)

The leading Rimac test and development driver Miro Zrnčević and his teammates calculated within several quarter-mile tests that the Nevera has the potential to speed up to more than 400 kilometers per hour.

The 1914 hp strong electric car had a new record in fall of 2022: It sped up to 412 kilometers per hour. With the help of the Racelogic V-box, the maximum speed was measured. The Rimac Nevera is equipped with a semi-active coilover kit with adaptive valve control and a hydraulic lift system ex works. The Rimac Nevera set a record as the fastest serial electric car at a test track in Papenburg (Northern West Germany). We congratulate our technology customer on this success.

A long time ago Mate Rimac requested a coilover kit at KW suspensions for his selfmade electric BMW E30

A long time ago, Mate Rimac requested a racing coilover kit at KW automotive for his self-built and developed electric BMW E30 with a lot kilowatts of performance.

Today, Mate Rimac and his technology company Rimac Automobili in Croatia is one of the top businesses for developing hypercars with electric drive worldwide.

The Rimac Nevera on our 7-post-rig in the KW headquarter in Fichtenberg, Germany

This blog post has more information about the 1914 HP strong Rimac Nevera (former: C_two).

Photos: Rimac Automobili / KW

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