ST Easy Fit – stance your boring factory Wheels with our new spacer discs

At first glance, spacers and wheel spacers appear to be among the simplest accessory components on the aftermarket. Although unfortunately, this is not the case.

Due to the numerous different bolt circle layouts, wheel hub diameters, thread pitches, etc., the search for the ideal wheel spacer can be a very complex affair.

The numerous optional series wheels of different automobile manufacturers can make the search for the suitable spacer disc in connection with the series tires a challenge since the suitable spacer disc width must always be determined individually.

End of November 2019 ST suspensions launched tested complete wheel spacer sets for use with series-production wheels from the respective car manufacturers.

For example, the KW automotive brand can already offer suitable wheel spacer sets in various thicknesses for both axles for all Tesla Model 3 and current Ford Mustang LAE models, including the facelift models for the original wheel/tire combinations.

The specialist dealers know immediately which spacer disc fits perfectly on which series rim and, for example, the end consumers can be sure that they do not have to work on the wheel arches when fitting the wheel spacers.

All wheel spacer complete sets for standard wheels are supplied by ST suspensions with a parts certificate.

With these so-called “Easy Fit” complete sets, all components are tested in conjunction with the standard rims, including the tire dimensions approved by the car manufacturer.

ST springs for Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Since end of November 2019 our new “ST Easy Fit Kits” are already available for a lot of cars like Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Audi TT RS (Mod. 2017), RS3 Sportback (Mod. 2016), RS3 Sedan (Mod. 2017), RS6 (C7), S4 Avant (B9), S5 Sportback (B9), SQ5 and many more.

Highlights of cars we already have the “ST Easy Fit Kits” in stock are also the latest Ford Mustang (LAE, Mod. 2018), Ford Focus RS (DYB), BMW 550i xDrive (G30), Tesla Model 3 and Toyota GR Supra.

With our vehicle-specific complete packages, we are now extensively supplementing our modular ST AZX and ST DZX spacer disc system.

With our spacers delivery range we now can offer for all cars the perfect spacer disc solution without any compromise!

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