ST Suspensions Shakes Up Fuelfest in Los Angeles!

FuelFest: Where Car Culture Comes Alive

FuelFest isn’t just an event; it’s a high-octane celebration of automotive passion, innovation, and community. Co-founded by Cody Walker to honor his brother, the legendary Paul Walker, FuelFest supports Reach Out Worldwide, a charity dedicated to disaster relief.

This year, on June 1st, FuelFest LA sprung into action at the iconic Irwindale Speedway, just a stone’s throw away from El Monte in Southern California— where ST Suspensions began its incredible journey 45 years ago!

ST Suspensions: 45 Years of Unstoppable Experience

2024 marks a monumental milestone for ST Suspensions as we continue our 45th-anniversary celebration. From humble beginnings near Irwindale Speedway to becoming a global leader in the suspension industry, ST Suspensions has always been driven by a pursuit of performance, community, and connection. FuelFest LA was the perfect stage to showcase exciting products and engage with the vibrant, adrenaline-fueled car community.

ST Suspensions’ premium coilovers were a major draw, impressing attendees with features like adjustable damping, height adjustability, durable construction, improved handling, and enhanced ride quality. In addition to showcasing ST’s broad range of products, ST Suspensions brought an extra element of excitement to FuelFest LA with a special interactive activity in the booth.

Attendees had the opportunity to fill out a survey. In return, they received a token for a gumball machine filled with an array of exciting prizes, such as stickers of cars built by ST Suspensions’ partners, Griot’s Garage detailing products, ST Suspensions shirts or hats, ST license plate frames, ST coilover spring pen holders, Hot Wheels cars, ST air fresheners, and more.

This engaging activity not only entertained the crowd but also allowed ST Suspensions to connect with our audience on a more personal level, providing a fun and nostalgic experience that the crowd enjoyed.

Showcasing the Best: The Star Attractions

The ST Suspensions booth also turned heads with two show-stopping vehicles that embodied innovation and performance:

  • Subaru BRZ with a Chevy LS2 V8: Talk about a head-turner! This wild build combined the agile BRZ chassis with the raw power of a Chevy LS2 V8 engine, demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of ST Suspensions’ XTA coilovers. This car wasn’t just seen—it was felt, rumbling throughout FuelFest, leaving a lasting impression and stealing the spotlight.
  • 2023 Nissan Z: A stylish, modern sports car, enhanced with ST Suspensions’ sway bar set, a beautiful bronze set of Titan-7 T-C5 forged wheels, a complete big brake kit from Z1 motorsports, FI Exhaust system, and covered with carbon fiber components from Seibon. The Nissan Z’s handling and dynamic performance showcased the magic that happens when advanced suspension technology meets cutting-edge automotive design backed by many quality aftermarket parts to truly make a car unique.

FuelFest: The Ultimate Anniversary Bash

FuelFest LA was more than just a venue—it was a high-energy platform where ST Suspensions celebrated their 45th anniversary with fans and fellow car enthusiasts. The event’s electric atmosphere was filled with the roar of engines and the buzz of excited conversations, which was the perfect backdrop for ST to connect with a diverse crowd, from die-hard gearheads to casual car lovers.

Reflecting on 45 Years of Automotive Excellence

FuelFest LA was a celebration of ST Suspensions’ incredible journey, reflecting on four and a half decades of pushing the boundaries of automotive performance. ST Suspensions honored the passion and innovation that fueled their success by sharing their latest advancements and celebrating with the car community.

Driving for a Cause

FuelFest’s connection to Reach Out Worldwide added more meaning to the celebration. Supporting a cause close to the heart of the car community made this anniversary event even more special for ST Suspensions. Knowing their participation helped support disaster relief efforts was the cherry on top of an already unforgettable event.

The Road Ahead

With the energy from FuelFest LA propelling us forward, ST Suspensions is set to continue leading the way in the suspension industry. Our commitment to quality, performance, and community engagement ensures that the road ahead is reassuring. As we look to the future, ST Suspensions remains dedicated to pushing the limits of automotive technology and driving the spirit of innovation that fuels car culture.

FuelFest LA 2024 was a monumental celebration of car culture, and ST Suspensions was thrilled to be part of the action. Here’s to the next 45 years of innovation, passion, and performance! As we continue our 45th-anniversary celebrations, stay tuned for more exciting events and join us in celebrating ST Suspensions’ journey.

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