ST XA coilovers for Nissan Juke and Juke Nismo RS

ST Suspensions is currently expanding its range of suspension components such as wheel spacers, suspension springs and coilovers, specifically for SUVs.

From now on, the ST XA coilovers are also available for the compact Nissan Juke even for the NISMO RS with front wheel drive.

The suspension kit with its adjustable rebound forces is a significant gain for the vehicle’s driving dynamics and driving comfort.

With just a few clicks, the rolling and driving comfort can be increased or by a tighter setting, the body’s nodding and pitching movements can be reduced to increase the handling at a sporty driving.

So the ST XA coilover kit is, depending on the setting, an ideal performance tool or on request it gives the Nissan Juke a slightly more comfortable damping.

A continuous lowering of up to 50 mm is possible and the ST suspension gives the Juke a significantly more dynamic driving behavior as well as an increased driving comfort.

Ken Block present the new BMW M2 ST suspensions springs.

The ST XA coilovers are manufactured in Germany and also ST lowering springs (30/20 mm) are available. The springs, that are adapted in their spring rate to the series dampers, increase the handling characteristics and the sporty appearance of the Nissan Juke.

We also developed for the Nissan Juke our ST DZX Wheel Spacers. Dial your Juke at our ST homepage and check if there are any kits in your country available.

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