Taking it all Apart – The Belltech Crew Cab


As anyone who has every done a color change on a truck knows, the first step is taking it all apart so that you can get to every part of the original color and make the new color look like it came from the factory.


Just two days ago we dropped off our 2009 Crew Cab at Jay’s Auto Body for our complete bodywork, modifications and full on color change.


Look how much has been done in less than two working days. They have the entire front clip off of the truck, the doors are removed and gutted and the bed will be off before the end of the day.


I think that the most interesting part was how well organized the parts were that came off of the truck, its a far cry from just putting them in boxes and coffee cans. I guess that is why you count on professionals like Jay and his team to get the job done right.


Next comes the modifications that we have requested and the remainder of the bodywork. If you look close in a few of the photos, you can see where they have already circled any problem areas or minor dents in what looked like a fairly straight newer truck.


Its this type of detail that will really make this paint stand out when this truck is complete.

Stay tuned

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