Test of the Audi RS 4 Avant with competition plus package – the 3-way adjustable shocks are a game changer for AUTO BILD and SPORT AUTO

At the Sachsenring, the Audi with the suspension is 1.9 seconds faster, and on the Nordschleife, the Avant is 20 seconds faster! (Photo Audi).

Early November 2022: The phone rings, and the familiar voice of an old friend comes through the hands-free system. And what’s that in the background? A symphony of V6 biturbo growls, unmistakably emanating from a neck-tingling, sporty marvel straight out of Neckarsulm.

A fixed component of the optional Audi Competition plus package is the Audi RS Sport Suspension plus (Photo Audi)

With a dry wit, my companion back from my days in the car magazine industry casually poses a question about Audi’s suspension setup. Ah, the world truly is a small place, especially within the vibrant realms of the automotive and aftermarket industries.

As soon as I mention that the German manufacturer with four rings on its grille has included an enticing bonus in the owner’s manual for the three-way adjustable “Audi RS Sport Suspension Plus”, a wave of pure elation washes over my old friend’s voice.

AutoBild editor Guido Naumann tested the Audi RS4 with the Competition plus package at the Sachsenring in November 2022

For those eager to delve into AutoBild’s captivating German test report, simply click on the captivating visuals or the boldly emphasized sentences and words.

We also have here a very nice English Video about the RS4 Competition
A small selection of various strut assemblies from our Special OE coilover suspension systems (Photo by KW)

In Fichtenberg, for many, many years, not only have adjustable suspensions from renowned brands like “ap Sportfahrwerke,” “KW suspensions,” or “ST suspensions” been meticulously crafted, but we have also played an active role as a development partner and suspension manufacturer for various car manufacturers.

The distribution of these Special-OE adjustable suspensions is directly handled by the respective car manufacturers themselves. As an example, dedicated Ford enthusiasts cannot simply order the optional Ford Track Performance adjustable suspension, a coveted component of the “Track Pack,” from our authorized KW dealers or us. It is exclusively available through Ford.

The Audi RS Sport Suspension Plus, which offers independent adjustment of high-speed and low-speed compression forces, as well as low-speed rebound forces, is a component of the optional “Audi Competition Plus Package.” This package is available for the Audi RS4 Avant, Audi RS5 Sportback, and Audi RS5 Coupe in selected markets.

New sway-bars are also being introduced (Photo Audi).

With its three-way adjustable shocks, the optional Audi RS Sport Suspension Plus provides a wide range of damping characteristics. These suspensions offer a combination of sportiness and comfort, a feature highly appreciated by discerning automotive enthusiasts who have come to value the multiple adjustable coilover suspensions from the Swabian Forest over the years.

Audi RS Competition Plus Package in Detail

The Audi RS Competition Plus Package is a game-changer. Despite Audi making no changes to the factory engine output, this well-designed Audi accessory package transforms the Audi RS4 into an entirely different beast. In other words: with an Audi Competition Plus Package, a modern Audi RS4 becomes even more RS4. To acquire this package, simply visit the Audi website during the configuration process and check the box for RS Competition Plus.

The stylish RS bucket seats can also be ordered with the RS Competition plus package (Photo Audi).

Making the selection for RS Competition Plus with RS sport seats upfront will reward you with an additional treat – stylish sports seats paired with the forged 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Corsa high-performance tires. But that’s not all. The package includes several other exciting features, such as an enhanced limited-slip differential, upgraded suspension sway bars, a bespoke RS sports exhaust system, and fixed-ratio dynamic steering with a ratio of 1:13.1, as stated in the official Audi press materials. These components further enhance the performance and driving dynamics of the Audi RS4, promising an exhilarating experience on the road.

The Competition plus package turns the Audi RS4 into an even more powerful Audi RS4 (Photo Audi)

The Audi engineers dug deep into software engineering for the Audi Competition Plus Package. The Audi Sport GmbH revamped the software in the ABS control unit, transmission control unit, and all dynamic programs. Of course, the factory Biturbo power of the RS4 V6 with its 450 horsepower and 600 Nm remained untouched. With the Competition Plus Package, the top speed is raised to 290 km/h.

Simply click on this screenshot and you will be directed straight to the AutoBild homepage with the Supertest (Screenshot AutoBild)

AutoBild recently conducted a Supertest at the Sachsenring with the Audi RS4 Avant, equipped with the optional “Audi Competition Plus Package” and Audi RS Sport Suspension Plus. The test report is available for free on AutoBild.de, and we have conveniently linked the images in this article to the test report for easy access. Simply click on the pictures, screenshots, or bolded words to read the full report.

In the Supertest conducted by AutoBild, the Audi RS4 now sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds (Photo Audi)

According to AutoBild, the Audi RS4 with the Audi RS Sport Suspension Plus offers an exceptional driving experience. They state, “Curvy country roads have always been its territory, where the body control remained composed, and the movements were within the normal range. With the new adjustable suspension, it’s a whole new world. No, it’s not a bone-shattering ride; with the perfectly dialed-in road setup, the RS4 now exhibits agility and lightness that we’ve longed for many years.”

Simply click on this screenshot and you will be directed straight to the AutoBild homepage with the Supertest (Screenshot AutoBild)

According to AutoBild, driving on the Autobahn with the Audi RS4 equipped with the Audi RS Sport Suspension Plus is a dream. It is delightful how relaxed one can cruise at 200 km/h with the station wagon. It has a lot of self-confidence in fast corners and is not thrown off course by transverse joints and undulations, thanks to the coilover suspension. With the Competition Plus Package, it is possible to quickly reach close to 300 km/h, as the speed limiter only kicks in at 290 km/h.

A glossy black appearance package comes as standard, and optionally, there are also accessories available in glossy and highly exclusive carbon fiber (Photo Audi)

“Even in fast corners, when it gently leans at around 160 km/h, the station wagon feels much more confident with the revised rear differential. Thanks to the new electronics, suspension, and gripping semi-slick tires, under steering is completely eliminated. It feels worlds faster than before, and the 1.9-second advantage over the RS4 without the Plus Package is truly remarkable in this league.”

Click on the screenshot and you’ll get linked direct to the AutoBild Homepage with the Supertest (Screenshot AutoBild)

Once again, a big thank you to the colleagues at AutoBild and Guido Naumann for sharing the screenshots. Additionally, here’s an update: nearly nine months later, the Sport Auto team took an Audi RS4 fitted with the Audi RS sports suspension for a run on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

20 seconds faster only through the three-way adjustable suspension

Although the stock performance remains the same, Sport Auto editor Christian Gebhardt drove 20 seconds faster on the Nordschleife than with a stock RS4 lacking the ‘Competition Plus’ package. You can find the test report in Sport Auto 8/2023.

Photos Audi, AutoBild, KW, privat

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