The coolest “M´s” in the new millennium – a small selection…


A BMW “M” is no ordinary BMW. But BMW M GmbH shows how to give an “M” the final touch with various special models in the past years. Some, like the legendary Safety Cars from the MotoGP and DTM will always be an “unsaleable” dream.

BMW 1 Series M Coupe ? MotoGP SafetyCar. (03/2011)

Whether the BMW 1M Safety Car from years ago or the BMW M4 “Safety Car Reincarnations” – many “official cars” in MotoGP and DTM were equipped with our KW Suspensions technology. But these cars unfortunately haven´t been available to the public and are still not officially distributed by BMW.

In motorsports, things look a little different, as motorsport teams can officially buy factory built race cars. For example, the BMW Z4 GT3 or the BMW M235i Racing from the BMW Sports Trophy motorsport program come with KW Competition dampers as standard equiptment from the factory.

lowP90199427_highRes_bmw-m4-gts-10-2015 (1)

But BMW also offers real special models for the street. The Best example? The BMW M4 GTS, which will soon be available! Just like previous E92 generation BMW M3 GTS, our KW development department has again worked closely together with BMW and BMW M.


By the way, The M4 GTS actually has a power to weight ratio of 6.6lbs(3kg) per horsepower and gets from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds!


The 3.0-liter-M-inline six engine with TwinTurbos incidentally offers 500 hp (6.250 rpm) and has a maximum torque of 442 ft/lbs (600 Nm) at an rev range from 4.000 to 5.500 revs.


At 305 km/h, the charged inline-six will electronically be limited with its water injection (a feature carried over from the BMW M4 Safety Cars).

And just like its predecessor, also the “new one” is also lightweight 3330lbs (1.510 kg) compared to the standard M4 “series model”. Of course, also the new M4 GTS is equipped with bucket seats, sport steering wheel, roll cage and fire extinguisher.

The results are impressive. The M4 GTS that will be available in spring 2016, and is capable of finishing one lap on the Nordschleife in 7 min. 27.88 sec. For those who do not believe it, BMW M has released a video and Jörg Weidinger of BMW M, who is responsible for the driving dynamics of the M4 GTS, driving the car himself. Have fun!

Photos / Video BMW, KW

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