The Crew Cab build at Belltech gets a new custom grille


One of the most distinct features of the artist rendering of our new shop truck, was the custom grille that featured a floating bar design.



We called on the talented crew at Settin Trendz in Clovis California to carry out this important and very unique detail, and after my visit yesterday, they did not disappoint. In talking to Adam about our project, one thing became clear, at Settin Trendz they are passionate about the work they do and they will only do it right. The custom metal work on the floating grille bars is top notch and the attention to detail second to none.


If you take a look at the back of the bumper you can see that they removed the factory rolled edge that surrounded the opening, this allows them to replace the panel with a new piece of flat stock, and since there is no lip to get in the way, they can work a traditional hammer and dolly to get the panel perfectly straight and eliminating the need for any type of plastic body fillers.


Bumper metal work finished as you can see the floating bars are going to set this build apart from a sea of others. One cool detail that will be very subtle but distinct will be the background to the floating bars. Stainless steel sheet is being laser cut as we speak with thousands of tiny Belltech logos, the laser cut line length for just the background is something like 50,000 linear inches!


The build continues, we want to thank the crews at Settin Trendz and Jays Auto Body for all of the hard work and putting up with our tight timelines and photo shoots

Stay tuned

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