The freshness of the 90ies! BMW E36 meets KW V1 and Audi Nardo Grey …

Our KW Fans know that we love still the cars from the 80ies and 90ies. Period. This E36 project of Niels, a KW customer from Belgium is so fresh that it is still hot underneath the wrap!

Correct, wrap! That’s what Niels, Quint and Wrap Junkies did to get this BMW covered in the Nardo Grey color to make it that jaw-dropper car. The grey-ish color from Avery is probably the most wanted color the latest decade, with thanks to Audi.

What else takes your attention is probably the Felony wide-body kit. No Liberty Walk kit for this project but a 55 mm wider body in the rear and 45 mm in the front. By this wide arches, the Speedline Mistral wheels in 17″ fit the car perfectly. 11.25J wide in the rear and 8.75J in the front axle.

This project is of course more than just a wide-body kit. Loads of small and not so small details as the yellow headlights with “LWHS” logo and not the traditional “HELLA” marking. Also, take notes of how wide the front wheel arches are – crazy!


Low ground clearance and a fancy looking stance thanks to the KW Variant 1 coilovers. A proper quality lowering with the necessary road handling and the looks which everyone likes!

The 2.0 liter inline six cylinder engine of the 320i takes care of the necassary sounds and 150 horsepower. The custom inox exhaust line and open airfilter improves the typical BMW engine sound a bit.

Inside we couldn’t much original parts. Original seats were replaced by fancy Sparco R333 cupseats with matching Sabelt 6-point seatbelts and a custom home made (and painted) rollcage by Niels himself. No more stock shifter and steering wheel but a more good looking one by Sparco – we approve!

The bodyline of the Bmw E36 coupe is probably one of the most good looking Bmw ever made. The M3 GT spoiler on the trunk is the icing on the cake if you ask us. Of course the front bumper, sideskirts and rear bumper are also by the Bmw M-performance shelf.

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