The Gallardo is dead, long lives the Huracán!

These days, it takes dream cars to even stand out in the overkill of automotive social media content. Z-Performance entirely relies on dream cars for their awesome promotion videos about their alloys, and what kind of dream cars!

However, Greta Thunberg thinks about real cars, a Lamborghini is always eye-candy, and of course, this also applies to “small Lambos” without twelve cylinders in the rear.

While the Aventador has twelve cylinders behind the driver seat, the Huracán is happy with just ten. Even the “little” Huracán does not need a horsepower upgrade and so Zed only installed an FI Exhaust system. In addition to that, he bought an elaborate body kit made of carbon fiber from “Zacoe“.

It is no big secret that KW has also developed height-adjustable springs for the Lamborghini Huracán. Z-Performance also uses these coil springs on the Huracán.

This makes him extremely flexible to adjust the lowering of the Lamborghini to different Z-Performance wheels. By the way, the Huracán is equipped with multi-piece ZP.Forged R wheels.

At the front axle, the wheels measure 10 x 21 inches and the Michelin tires 275/30-21, at the rear, the rims are 11 x 21 inches and the tires 285/30-21. It goes without saying that the double spokes are extremely concave, and the rim bolts are gold-plated.

For those Lamborghini fans who are looking for coil springs for their Huracán and are unable to find, they should contact NOVITEC. All road suspensions developed by us for Lamborghini vehicles are distributed worldwide exclusively by NOVITEC.

Images, Video Z Performance

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