“The Mercedes GTI”: a A45 AMG for the Wörthersee 2016


It doesn´t always has to be a VW Golf and Co, was the Swiss car fan Christoph Egger thinking and bought himself an A-Class in September 2015. In the last years, the modern “Baby Benz” has changed from the typical “senior-car” to a sporty, dynamic compact racer. While grandma and grandpa are now on the road in their B-Class, the young wilds are driving the A-Class.


Christoph just loves his new A-Class especially as an AMG. And the A45 AMG is actually in series already a blast. Even though in September 2015 there was a facelift of the A45 AMG 4matic with 381 hp; Christoph preferred the model before the facelift, with 360 hp.


„My little AMG is from year 2013, so I had a bit budget left for the first ‘Wörthersee measures’” said the sympathetic Swiss. “Wörthersee measures”? That’s right. For the unofficial GTI meeting from April 23rd – May 01st, 2016, Christoph of course will be on site as a former VAG-driver and he will tackle away one or the other GTI in the famous turbo corner in Faak am See.

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In order to make a good figure among all the slammed Stance Cars, the standard suspension had to go and a KW coilover suspension Variant 3 came on board.


Our coilover kit that is completely manufactured from stainless steel, not only ensures a tested lowering of 40 mm at the front and 30 mm at the rear of the A45 AMG. “That’s low enough”, explained Christoph, who works for Mercedes. “The A45 AMG is already from factory lower than the regular A-Class and the suspension still has a little space.”


But Christoph has not only chosen our V3 because of the lowering. By the independent compression and rebound adjustment, the suspension gives you the scope to further adjust the damper forces to your individual demand.


In Christoph’s case, he benefits from the damper setting, as he threw out the rear seats of his A-Class and therefore built in a Wiechers roll bar.


He has painted the bar with cross of course in the body color calcite white and he ensured further finesses at his Benz. We do not mean the two-piece BBS RS564 in 8,5 x 20 inches ET45 with their Hankook EVO S1 Pneus in 225/30-20, but small cleanings at the front. For example the license plate recess and the Mercedes-Benz badge disappeared. The entire grill was coated in shiny black and the star was slightly tinted.

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But even more striking are the BBS wheels. Christoph has also painted the rim-stars in their timeless Y – spoke design in black for a nice contrast to his white Benz.


Those who want to experience the A45 AMG live should definitely stop by at the warm-up to the Wörthersee – we are already excited to see how people at the lake will react on Christoph´s A-Class.

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