“The Way to Goodwood” – Tribute to our friend Georg Plasa

Already in the late nineties, the racing driver Georg Plasa, who died in 2011, began to raise the development of mountain racing cars in the touring car class to a technical level that many previously considered impossible.

In memory of Georg Plasa, managing director Klaus Wohlfarth, who had a close and long friendship with Georg Plasa, took over the old BMW 320 Judd V8.

“Starting at the Festival of Speed in Goodwood was one of Georg’s unfulfilled dreams,” says Klaus Wohlfarth. In the 23-minute documentary, which will be published on the official KW YouTube channel on January 10, 2019, motorsports fans will be able to review the development of the BMW 320 Judd V8 and the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018.

The main role is played by the BMW 320 Judd V8 by Georg Plasa. Hardly any other touring car in European mountain racing is as legendary as the 2011 deceased racing driver Georg Plasa developed and built BMW. Born in Munich, he set course records with his BMW 320 and won many championships. Georg Plasa lived for mountain racing and was someone who never thought of his team or of himself as a driver. Much more he sat down for the needs and hardships of the mountain sports community. Also, the Oberbayer was the first in mountain racing, which used a 3.4 liter Judd KV675 V8 coming from the prototype motorsport. Georg Plasa not only kept his tips and experiences to himself but also let the mountain racing family share his experiences. In this way, the entire sport could benefit in his eyes and the motorsport mountains remained competitive with each other.

“At the time, I set myself the goal of getting the car in the same state in which Georg used it. That was not easy, “recalls Klaus Wohlfarth, who took over the 320 after the death of Georg Plasa. Already at the end of the nineties, the native Munich began to raise the development of mountain racing cars in the touring car class to a technical level that many previously considered impossible, using countless self-developed components that were used for the racing of the “Never-Forget-Tribute-To -Georg-Plasa-KW-Teams” had to be specially made.

“I had only partially taken over the vehicle. Getting it up to Goodwood was a huge hassle. Mechanics and young engineers helped me there. My sales manager has coordinated the whole thing. And it was not until Goodwood that we all met again – mechanics who once screwed for Georg, Jörg Weidinger as a driver and we, “says Klaus Wohlfarth, managing director and founder of KW.

“For me, it was really emotional days, I remembered the moments with Georg many times when we both let our thoughts run again and again, what else would have to be done for motorsports. And then we went in thoughts with BMW 320 Judd V8 and my Osella to Goodwood, “remembers Jörg Weidinger.

“At this point, I would like to thank once again the whole team that made the weekend in honor of Georg possible. Whether it be the courage to decide to restore the equipment of our unforgotten common friend with all the consistency and many imponderables, it is the tenacity of those who have spent the days and nights around the clock to implement the goal in time to make the ‘Rolling Chassis’ not just an exhibit, but a race car ready for use, without destroying history or patina, or trusting me to move this honorable device so swiftly on this route. Never forget!”

On January 10, 2019, the “The Way to Goodwood” documentary of the “Never-Forget-Tribute-to-Georg-Plasa-KW-Team” will be published on the KW automotive YouTube channel.


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